A study: Stereotypes in the LFD

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I think I ran into your tanking a few times! Surprising, though, as I always stood up for the healer when the tank pulled too fast and then abused them. Usually, the tanks ended up leaving on their own, never kicked.
I see your problem, you read party chat. As a tank, I focus the healer and watch his/her mana and always pull if they are above 25% mana. As a healer I heal the tank, and any DPS who is smart enough not to pull massive amounts of aggro every pull. I don't DPS .. DPS is boring.

There are 3 roles. You login, play your role, ???, profit. If I want to have a conversation I pm a friend or hop onto a vent server.
This was a great read. Thank you for conducting this study and for posting the results here.

Could you kindly list the names of your tank, healer and damage dealer, as I wish to put them all on ignore? While I approve of intellectual inquiry, research projects are usually subject to ethical constraints. IMO, this project is unethical in not seeking the permission of those inadvertantly taking part, nor of the owners of the system hosting your project (Blizz).

When I join LFD I assume I am playing with natural people (ie. people who are who they say they are). I am spending time in a leisure activity, not to be someone's research subject.

Blizz can't control this kind of stuff, anyone could have done it. Sad part is, a ton of people are actually LIKE those people, so whats the difference? There are pretenders IRL, do you want an ignore list for them too? (Tough luck on that one bro)
That's actually quite fascinating :O Rather disturbing, but fascinating. Great post
i believe im a good balanced tank. i go as fast as i can but i keep an eye on the healers mana.

i do abuse people for doing stuff wrong especially if its on purpose and i am not afraid to start vote kicks if someone doesnt fit in with the group.

i do believe dps need to calm down cause there are one billion more dps so they dont reall have a say in the party but i dont abuse them just cause they are dps.

healers need to get off their pedastals and heal, if the tank and most of the dps want to do something then you need to do it too. like kill optional bosses. if you dont want to then leave the party instead of being a 4 year old and standing around weasting time.
For the times you were pretending to be non-abusive (I assume neutral and not acting friendly) and unaware of how best to play your role, how did you react in the rare times advice/help was offered or given? If someone tried to make suggestions did you incorporate them with a thanks or ignore them wordlessly and continue with the stereotype?
this was very interesting, thank you OP
Once as a tank, in a run where no one said anything and nothing went wrong, I initiated a Vote Kick on my friend because it would be funny. The excuse given was "I'm just screwing around."

It went through. No questions asked.

Ive seen many people do the same thing. When a vote kick goes around, I occasionally stop to ask why the people kicked them.

I think around 7/10 times, the people in the group just said they saw the box (without seeing who was being kicked and the reason), and clicked yes.

Many occasions I have arranged with my friend (the tank), when there are very high dungeon que timers to test whether people actually look to see who is being kicked.
On many occansions I have kicked my friend the tank out of the group, and then everybody starts complaining that I kicked the tank...

Let me remind you, I VOTED to kick the tank, you let it pass.
Awesome but somewhat predictable results. I have noticed this trend throughout all the expansions. Even the stereotypes have remained prettymuch as you described. Thankfully there are people who are exceptions.
On behalf of the 2160 other people involved...
Screw you OP!!!!

On second thoughts, even if they got put in a different group they probably would have encountered the same problems anyway.

No harm, no foul.
This will only get worse when dps has to cc/interupt regularly and the tank is no longer the end all be all of the run. Healers will run out of mana. Pulls will have to be planned.

I predict the Tank population will drop significantly.
I must admit that I think this is an awesome study. I give you outrageous kudos on your determination to stick with this. And I have zero pity for the groups that were subject to your research methods. Zero pity whatsoever.

I would like to say that I think that these stereotypes are really very accurate. I've quit a group before because of an asshat tank who couldn't pull worth %#@@ on my husband's rogue. He refused to charge the casters, and when I suggested it, he snapped at me. I told him to get his shield out of his arse and learn to tank. Then quit. I actually make it a habit to tell tanks that they're bad when the situation merits it. Several times I've told tanks that they are just as expendable as the DPS, which at least 60% of the time results in the tank being kicked from the group. The healers tend to /love me for it. 8D But most of the time I just sit back and keep quiet, spamming kill command and annoying people with my silithid.

But I must admit that I'm just as much of an asshat tank. But I don't have much experience with it. I had a low-level warrior tank, and would get outrageously pissed when people would't give me five seconds to get enough rage for a thunderclap. But then I decided I was being too srs bsns and respec'd fury. Not to mention, I get tunnel vision something fierce. I just get into a tanking zone and find myself ignoring the healer and party chat. It makes me feel like a !###, and usually apologize for it.

On my healer, I tend to be really nice, and can't let someone die at all. Ever. Even when the tank dies and it's chain heal spam, I can't let someone die, even if they deserve it. I've only let completely stupid DPS die twice, and they were pretty extreme. But I told them flat out that I wasn't healing them until they learned to play. Then they would say that the tank was too bad to pull aggro, which I would counter with them being too bad to control their aggro. Most of the time, they would pull back on their DPS and tolerate it. Sometimes they left. That twice, they continued being asshats. Edit: Once, however, I was kicked without warning for the tank being terrible. I could barely keep him alive. I believe he was a frost DK in 90% DPS gear. I think that more people need to roll a healer, so they can learn the absolute joy of trying to keep up a tank that gets two-shot by trash.

Most of the time through the "oh shi-" moments, the DPS would commend me, saying "awesome heals" and stuff like that. Rarely the tank would comment about it. I guess the DPS just liked being alive after a tough spot. It helps that my shaman never runs out of mana, I guess. But it always feels nice to get thanks from the DPS, because I know just how they feel, a DPS being my main. I think that people discredit the DPS a little bit too much. I know that the DPS are just a bonus, that all of the instances can be feasibly done with just a tank and healer, but it's just rude to say "they're just a DPS, let them walk back" or "he's a bad DPS, needs better gear /kick."

@Friek: I always read the votekick window. Unless it's someone who is bugging me, too, I never accept. It annoys me when people kick without confronting the person about it first. Most of the time, a suggestion fixes the problem.
Great post OP. It really shows how much the average player would put up with from an asshat tank just to skip a long queue time.

As a healer, my queue times are pretty short anyway, but I'm going to take your information and grow from it. From now on I will be vote kicking turd nuggets, regardless of their role/gear/skill.

Maybe if enough of us do this we can lessen the amount of jerks in our randoms, probably not, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Interesting when it come to the results.

But I can only think of the poor persons who were the subjects of your experimentation, the ethic of your research is deplorable.

-No murlocs were harmed during this study.

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