Leveling 80-85 Cata

Hey guys,

I've decided to level my paladin for cata for my first 85 as it gives flexibility (tanking, healing, dps).

I haven't been in the loop for cata leveling but was considering what spec to level as. I understand the debate on level the spec you find most enjoyable, but i find them all enjoyable, and i find going fast enjoyable.

So which spec would generate the speediest leveling; does anyone have beta experience with paladin leveling?

I'm dual-specced for Holy and Ret. Going to be questing in Ret and switching to Holy for queuing up for dungeons. Same way I leveled this guy from 15-80.
I've been pondering the same thing. I think I've decided to level as prot with ret gear and a sword and board. Prot would give a bit more survivability, and from my understanding outside of Hyjal and Vashj'ir, mobs hit pretty hard. Prot still does a decent amount of damage as well, and I never seem to go oom.
yeah I've actually been considering what Kantalope has stated, ret gear with a tank spec.

my problem is i'm only holy gear and need to grind a little for good gear to level with :(
Exorcism spam isn't too shabby.

1. Judgement once every minute
2. Spam exorcism
3. Use the holy power when hit talent to heal yourself for free
4. Go to next mob
5. Go to (2.) or (1.) if judgement buff drops
6. ??????
7. 85
I'm going prot/ret.

I see it this way. Ret for questing and the occasional BG to offset the monotony of leveling. For dungeons, nothing beats the instant queue.
Ret Questing, Tank or Heal for dungeons ! All you need to know! Dual spec eliminates these problems!
just go prot. Put on DPS gear for solo questing and if you want to run a dungeon simply swap over to tanking gear and queue. Thats how im gonna be doing it.
Well I've yet to reach level 80 on this character but so far... I've leveled from 1-68 with Protection as my main and holy for my offspec and only recently have I changed my holy healing to a shockadin spec. It's loads of fun. But I very much doubt this is the way Blizzard intends to have the class play so I'm enjoying it while I can.

At 78 however, I'll probably head back to Protection and holy healing offspec. From what I've read on WoW Insider though, shockadins are less viable at 81-85 level as Exorcism scales horribly. Well It'll be interesting to see what happens come next week. Please weigh in on Shockadin, Prot, Ret leveling :)

(For the record I've never touched Retribution and plan to keep it that way.)

(For the record I've never touched Retribution and plan to keep it that way.)

you are already smarter than most paladins at 80 thats for sure :)
I hate the fact I'm only geared for holy XD.....I am not prepared.

Still haven't decided yet, torn between ret gear tank spec, or just pure ret :(

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