what is the best type of pally for pvp?

I want to try and role a pally,but I have never played one,so I dont know what spec is the best for pvp and why.any help will be appreciated.
Holy. As has been the case for every season except prot's brief moment in the sun....when they played like holy.

Prot looks to be in pretty good shape.

Ret needs some work.
ty.both.looks like I will be going holy
in instances do you tank or heal with holy or can you do both?
holy -- heal
prot -- tank
ret -- dps
Holy is very awesome right now. Stick to Holy Shock, Word of Glory, FoL and the new radiance spell and that makes for quite a mobile healer. Furthermore I picked up some of those tasty damage talents to help nuke down players with health bars are in good shape. Don't forget to HoJ liberally! GLHF.

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