honour reset?


Oh I get it! You made a funny by insinuating that I was a child! That's cute.

Watch out, folks. The American, with nothing better to do but be childishly pedantic, is on a rampage.
Oh god he called me American what should I do?

I literally have no comeback for that halp!
Oh god he called me American what should I do?

I literally have no comeback for that halp!

WoW...way to make Canadians look like retards you moron. No, Canadians do not spell "honor" with a "u".

They do spell "labor"- "labour"
honour* im from canada eh. we add "u's" to words. same with colour. lol. and yeah nothing is stopping me but now think about people with the pvp weaps right at 85 no point for heroic weapons at all. and yeah getting 2p may not be a huge advantage but with only 1week to be 85 and geared to pvp its massive.

So much misinformation here........

For starters, there are no weapons from honor points at all. Zero. It's blue gear for all of s9.

Weapons only come from rated pvp points, that you get from winning arena and rated bg matches. Everyone has zero of those right now and they cannot be earned again until you're 85 and s9 has begun.

Blizzard is ok with people who've stockpiled points having a 2-3 piece blue gear advantage upon reaching level 85. All the gear pve and pvp that you can buy with pre 85 earned honor and justice pts is blue and there are no weapons in any of it. Oh, and I have 4,000 honor pts and another 2,000 honor pts worth of wintergrasp commendations that I'll be burning immediately on the opening day of s9.

Honestly if you care enough to complain about this (which means you are not already honor capped), you're probably bad enough at pvp that this is not going to be an issue for you because you won't be above 1500 much less above 2000 in any arena bracket or rated bgs.

The honor grind is going to be brutal enough in Cat with a 4k headstart once you're 85. Please dont petition to remove that as well. Find a premade, run BGs and make it to the cap, sir.

honor is use to purchase pvp clothes (the higher lvl better)
can i buy wep with honor?

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