why is cs and ds on the same cooldown?

I really dont get this change how is this good?
from what i see this is why i think its a bad change

1. the old way did away with the 3 button ret
2. ds was always ment as a finisher
3. you had a choice of 2 finishers ds for aoe and tv for just 1 boss
4. i play a pally myself and i think having ds give holypower is just dumb

sure ret didnt do a biliion damage like back in the days but it was fine IMO..
see: fan of knives
Quit trying to find ways to put DS into a rotation.

1st there isn't room for DS in a rotation.

2nd it's damage tickles

3rd DS is used for going back and completing loremaster, soloing old content super fast, and facerolling lvl 80 heroics.

4th See 3, because i think Divine storm should be change to Lorestorm.
to Choke your DPS....why else.

I don't use DS except in 3 or more - so for the most part - Ignore it. Even then - I rarely us it atm becuase CS returns a holy power...and we can't afford to waste a chance at get Holy Power.
I don't even have this on my secondary toolbar anymore. I think they should just remove it from the game altogether. It was a bad ass ability in 3.3 with the T10 proc, but now it's just useless. It would've made more sense to have it generate HP since it's on the same CD as CS. But since it shares a CD, what makes it useful now?
Unfortunately, Divine Storm is one of those attacks that makes Retribution feel clunky and lopsided. As a finisher, it is just silly but also your only AoE option. 80% weapon damage is a bit like saying you can carry your groceries but only two items in a bag. It’s better than nothing but only a little.

Templar’s Verdict is supposed to be your signature strike and it uses holy power. So what gives you holy power? That’s right, Crusader Strike. This is a big hint with a colossal red bow on it that we should all be good little paladins and go through our rogue rotation with three Crusader Strikes and a Verdict even though it seems to take forever. While everyone else is wailing away on the mob, we get to hit it…and then we hit it again….aaaannnd again…. and DAMAGE…and hit it…etc. On trash, we get the demoralizing experience of watching the front loaded damage and boom classes just dismiss whole waves of mobs while we are still winding up.

Or we can spam divine storm by itself and look good on a parse by hitting twenty mobs but not doing much of anything to them.

I think that if Crusader Strike were more visually appealing like Divine Storm is then good little pallies would want to use it more often.

Blizz nas made it clear that they expect less AoE and more targeted damage so I guess you can expect your rogue rotation to become more important as things progress.

Meh, I’ll just hit ‘em with my shield.
I have no real complaint on how we work with bosses. Bam start out with avenging wrath for hammer of wrath to start the spree. After 3 hit zealotry then rotation is cs tv how. For 80 heroics boom over raids some more this and that and dps has spikes and valleys but its better. Maybe trash ds is fun to throw around. Overall i agree with what most say. DS in current state is DOA.
ok in terns of aoe the old way... if u had soc's was; cs holywath maybe a judgement ds (for extreme aoe fights have con up )most of our skills were aoe.. it was fun and u always had something to do.. we shouldnt be able to beat a mage in terms of aoe damage i understand.. i just want it to be as interactive as say a deathknight rune system where u cant spam crap

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