Healing hurts my brain now.

Holy is EZ mode now OP stop spamming Divine light
use HS as a HP cap
use FOL when 1 or more targets are below 50-60% hp
anything inbetween 70-90% hp and use holy light to band aid them
save word of glory for an emergancy
save holy shotgun for when everyones about to wipe

thats what i do at least and holy is more EZ mode than ever and never go OOM. . . in fact i dont think my mana ever drops below 80%
As you admit you have not experienced healing in cata and that's what's letting you down. Holy radiance and light of dawn were ridiculously powerful, hence the famous nerf and changes. You are underestimating radiance and somewhat LoD for raid healing, these combined with holy shock/WoG combo make us great raid healer and with a beacon its all too easy. Just relax and wait until cataclysm, you will see.
Note: Either spelling is correct. Preferences depends on location

Edit: Also, I assure you DL is not useless in cata, sure it takes a bit of a backseat in WoTLK but once again, relax and wait till you start cata raiding, at this point in time damage comes to fast and in 'spiky' fashion but in cata as you have heard its steady, in stages and a longer cast time is not a problem

Correct, which is why I'm withholding forming an opinion until Cata. I'm not one of those people that complains about things to no end just to complain. I try to think critically about things and what makes them useful/work/not work.

I would say my present opinion is that either FoL needs to be weaker/cheaper (to allow for more raid spot healing), or DL needs to be more potent to make up for the cast time (right now, it's only SLIGHTLY more mana efficient than FoL, yet a HECK of a lot slower.) This precludes it from being a "nuke" heal since FoL is ALREADY a nuke, just faster (while being slightly less efficient.) Between FoL, HS, and WoG, I can keep tanks up without DL. DL isn't going to save me from going OOM (HL is, but if I'm able to use HL, I don't need DL OR FoL.)

Now, this may change in Cata with the larger health pool if DL scales well. Currently, any situation I WOULD use DL in, I can use FoL instead faster and with only a slight decrease in efficiency.

...but with ToR, that loss of efficiency is offset by a faster HP increase, meaning I can use 3 HP WoG more often (so in the time I cast 3 DLs + 1 3xHP WoG, I can cast 4-5 FoLs and already be two-thirds of the way to my NEXT WoG.) And with WoG being free, this offsets the otherwise inefficiency of FoL compared to DL.

So, again, if FoL becomes MORE mana inefficient, or DL becomes more potent, then I'd see them being individually useful. Right now, FoL is just a better version of DL. And it isn't that much more inefficient.

What I think DL SHOULD bring to the table is more efficiency. Right now, it doesn't. It needs to grant more HPM than it does or more HPS than it does. Either one would make it far more useful in a rotation.
I just came back after a year (play a few Ulduar and then left) and I think I like a new healing way better. Before that, all we do is HL and FoL with a little here and there, but nothing much. The old system doesn't really show pally's skill, as long as you have better gear and clicking HL like crazy, you'll be top or second top the healing chart.

The new system involve a lot more thinking. Spam FoL, you'll OOM, spam HL, you tank will die. You'll have to intelligently know which spell to use at the right time. My first time doing ICC-10 3 days ago, I out healed a priest with 5500 gearscore (mine was 4700, not that GS matters much).

I still have to practice more. When things are hectic I still a bit slow but things will get better, but so far I like the new system much better. If I don't use FoL my mana would never go below 70% at all.

Note: For the record, judgment is spelled judgment, not judgement...but the in game spell is spelled judgement. ^_^;

For the record, both spellings are correct.

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