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So Blizz must cater to only the extremes? What about those of us who like to balance to 2 types of lvlin? Were supposed to get the shaft? I'd say Blizz is trying to do whats best for everyone, not just you, get over it.

They didnt intend the amount of xp people were getting from dungeon quests. They nerfed it. End of story. Honestly I think its getting old that people whine about this and about portals and about lack of pets for the 6th anniversery and even worse whine about the tone of letters they recieved. Blizzard has answered you more often than you deserve. Dont like it? Dont play.

If they didn't intend it, than why was it there in the first place? I assure you at the point they moved those quests into the dungeons, the XP was indeed intended. But due to complaints from customers (like yourself clearly), they went in and nerfed the XP to the ground.

P.S. I love when people tell me suck it up, if you don't like it, don't play. I could say the same to you regarding your complaints about leveling to fast. You can't use an argument like that, as both sides have a point (and a right to such opinion). You're just choosing to ignore one side. I however, understand both sides, and see how one side lost out, and the other side effectively gained nothing (you already had options to "experience" all the content, you just chose not to utilize them).

"I want to lvl instantly. I want to travel instantly. I want this and that. I want I want I want I want.." This is Blizzard quite simply and FINALLY telling you NO. Get over it.

Your my new hero.

You're my new hero.

There's a big difference between wanting (and not receiving it) and being given something (and having it taken away.) That's the difference between what your "hero" posted and what occurred here.
Are you new to mmos? Things change OFTEN.

Did I say I was new? Did I say things don't change? Nope, and I get that, but no one is allowed to get upset or have an opinion when a change occurs and it affects them? That's just silly. If that was true, these forums might as well not exist, as the majority of what I see posted here is complaints (nerf this, nerf that, fix ret pally's, etc.).

Btw Blizzard is telling you to suck it up. Not me. Read the original post. DEAL WITH IT. Asking for something you NEVER had is only going to be seen as unreasonable because IT IS.

I "NEVER" had it? What happened to Nov. 23rd to Nov. 30th? Seriously?

They did choose to quest AND run a dungeon, they did not choose how much exp. would be given for completing dungeons quests. Your solution, which only benefits those with your point of view, is to deny them content they want to see, so you can continue to pass on content you don't want to see and get to the finish line as fast as possible. Blizz's solution, however, means that both sides get something. You still have the ability to level by instances alone, and now, they have the ability to experience all the content they want to in a level appropriate timeframe.

Right, this made sense back when the quests for the dungeon we're spread all out around the world (go pick up 1 in undercity, 2 in thunder bluff, 2 in org, find a group, venture out) and you picked them up as you we're leveling. But now that the quests are in the dungeons (I don't recall if they added bread crumb quests leading you to the dungeons or not) I'm not even sure if there's anything quest wise actually leading you to queue in the first place.

BTW, what "benefit" did those of us who don't like questing gain from this change? As you say both sides got something, which makes me curious, as the only thing I see is a "nerf."

Whether or not there are breadcrumb quests leading to dungeons has no bearing on whether or not someone wants to experience questing and instances while they are level appropriate. It also has no bearing on whether or not they should be able to. The game is meant to be experienced and leveled through. Content isn't included to be ignored, but you can if you want to.

I didn't say, or imply, that you received a new benefit from this solution. You do get to continue to level without questing. That is a benefit that you had before this change that was not taken away from you by this change.

The game sub doesn't buy speed leveling, it buys game content. If you want to level alts faster, get BoA's, if you want to faceroll through unchallenging low level content, go right ahead. It will always be unreasonable to deny others the ability to play the game the way it was meant to be played just because you don't want to play that way.

You show a marked lack of understanding of both sides. I would certainly recommend reading more of the posts in this thread.

Disagree or agree with the change, no one side is more valid than the other.

It was and has been entirely possible for players to experience all of the content at-level, even before the change, it just required not blindly plunging through everything and expecting that you would level at an appropriate pace. All of the zones are self-contained with their leveling curve, do anything extra and you can out-pace it, etc... this is still the case even now.

Stopping XP via the NPC available for such, or, better, making multiple characters on which to explore the content are still your best options for seeing everything at level.

On the flip side, I'm still amused by how many people act like dungeon queuing is suddenly dead.

"I want to lvl instantly. I want to travel instantly. I want this and that. I want I want I want I want.." This is Blizzard quite simply and FINALLY telling you NO. Get over it.

I never said that. Learn to read.
I think Xanzul is just trolling us. That or he is someone who seriously fails at understanding the posts that he reads. Either way it's probably not worth responding to him.

I never said that. Learn to read.

The problem is all the people in here in favor of the change are wearing blinders preventing them from seeing the big picture. I'd be willing to bet that in 6 months, 9 months, or even a full year down the road, these will be the same people complaining to Blizzard asking for Quest XP to be nerfed from 1-60, as the time from 1-85 is taking too long, and they simply want to get their new alt up to 85 so they can raid. It'll happen, I know it will, it has every expansion. And I'll remember this thread, and I'll laugh.
But I never even suggested that leveling should be instant. I never suggested that the xp amounts should be bumped up. I never suggested that we should always be able to get everywhere instantly, not even close to it. He's using hyperbole to such an absolute extreme, and failing to understand my stance on the issues on top of that.
You are whining about dungeon QUEST xp being nerfed. I think im reading things just right. Are you?

This is my final response to you, there are 19 pages of thread prior to this one, go read them all, it will give you a better understanding of what some of us are saying. It's clear that you either haven't read them, or didn't understand them, based on your "curt" responses so far.
I've been playing for three months and yes, dungeons were a fast way of gaining levels. So I'm okay with this change as I felt that effect. I had to spend a lot of time getting my skinning and mining up so I could make money, which led me to start questing again. Indeed I had outpaced the quest areas.

But now I have the opposite problem! I missed tanking some dungeons because I spent so much time questing while raising my gathering professions, that I gained levels faster than the dungeon. I really got engaged in the quests... and they were giving me 8-10k xp. Levels 50-60 flew by and I missed my tanking practice.

I advocated for a "Heroic Dungeon Option" on the former suggestion thread. If you have a level 80 (which I do not), you should allow a player to choose this option. It would increase the difficulty of the dungeon, increase the xp, and allow players with heirloom BoA gear to speed run through it to level alts. It uses existing WoW framework for the Level 80 instances... so why can't it be applied to the lower level dungeons? It's a great idea Blizzard put in for the upper levels, and it should be applied for the lower levels as well.

Also, Blizzard for Starcraft 2 has a "newbie league" options for your first 50 tournament matches. I would love for that to be applied to dungeon raiding. I would love to be able to have a few newbie runs of dungeons as well. This way, each player can learn their skills, wander around Gnomeregan aimlessly trying to figure out the right way to go and learning things repop over and over, and just not be in a mixed group of over-geared veterans and inexperienced and badly geared newbies. Blizzard had a great idea with Starcraft 2, and just needs to continue their great ideas across their franchise.

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