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I agree with you Xanadar - you have made valid points. I suppose my only complaint would be that as the level caps increase - the game expands the duration of leveling to reach end game material - which i agree is a small portion of the game compared to the leveling experience. I wouldn't ask for them to allow us to speed up the process but it sure is nice to push through leveling on alts - I have never thought questing was exciting EXCEPT on my first run through the game, when it was new and fresh or when covering new material - no matter the level it is done at. The xp worked before - why change it now is all i was implying. Apologies for the high horse remark.
Thank the Light.

I love dungeon crawling, but the leveling curve of places after a few old world dungeons changes drastically every time. This was a needed change. Bring back the questing!
I have a question. Has just the XP gained from kill in instances been lowered or have they lowered the amount of XP for dungeon quests that you turn in? I do believe that the XP per kill was a little out of hand, but quests that require you to run a dungeon to complete need to have a higher XP than normal solo quests otherwise there is no reason to do them.
If you tought you won too much xp, why did you did the quest?

The goal is to level to 80, then to run Raid

If you want explor new zone, dont queu in dungeon

This patch suck at all!
I set the curve.
Thanks. There are new quests, guess what? I want to actually do them. I was going to skip all the dungeons on my alts unless this change was made, now hopefully I can do both.
We are applying a hotfix today to all level 1-60 dungeon QUESTS for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms dungeons which will significantly reduce the amount of experience they award.

So it's just quest turn in xp then? The actual xp from farming instances will be unchanged?

My point too. I'd nerf the dungeon mobs TO THE GROUND, but the dungeon quests are just little things that you don't even need to touch. I *want* to do all the dungeons to see what it's like when you don't faceroll the bosses in 10 seconds, but I'm scared that I'll totally trivialize my current leveling zone even if we wipe a thousand times before the first boss.
I have to agree with this. I really didnt get to enjoy the changes to Azeroth the way I expected since leveling was so easy I actually found myself doing gray quests just to complete quest chains and see storylines.
Looks like your band just got nerfed by a good thing that Blizz did.
Realising I'd mis-read the subject, I looked for the 'delete' button. No delete button? Oh well... Unintended bump! lol
really disapointed at this change.
As with everyone else in here. Ive been doing about a dungeon a day and already skipped a couple zones just because. The first one i did alone put all of my quests at green, so instead of missing content i just did green quests for two zones.

Fun to see a nerf that every one agrees on >.>
Thank you for this change. Instances should not have me outlevel my current zone. I had to skip Stonetalon, Ashenvale, and Feralas on my Shaman because of instances before the quest nerf.
this would be ok if some of the low leveling quests where more interesting and handed out better gear instead of collectin 20 so and so parts and getting a green item that in some cases you cant even use
I kinda like this change but I don't think it's quite enough. I have my fair share of 80's and most of them capped without the dungeon finder. I just recently made a prot paladin and that guy leveled WAY too fast... Without doing any dungeon quests. I think Blizzard needs to severely nerf the kill xp in all the dungeons to, in a way, force people to experience the thousands of new quests that they spent the last two years working on!

Anyway, a step in the right direction.
Well, i wasn't going to but i suppose this thread is worth a reply.

Congratulations blizz, you have successfully made it harder for a specific play style. The way i see it is, you can either quest....or q, now that you've added this "hotfix" you've made one less fun, and longer to play..shame on you, i truly hope people stop leveling there alts..


Now can any one here tell me what the most important thing you can learn leveling, even more important then learning to play your class, learn to play with other PLAYERS, learn how to listen, learn how to learn, and you'll succeed when you hit 80, the only real thing your doing with this hotfix is taking away fundemental skills that players will need in order to not get completely flamed and bashed when they try to do your first raid.

GG blizz.

btw, if your going to "gain to much experience" god forbid, cause thats not the process by which we level up or anything, DONT turn your LFD quests in, its seriously that simple. but instead of all of the complainers just doing something simple in game that would solve there problem, they complain and blizz ruins it for those of us that enjoy it..3
Back to avoiding instances till max level again... Thanks to the whiners... No, really. Thanks.

Just a matter of time till the QQ forces Blizzard to go completely back to the old exp gains. Funny thing is that the majority of the crying is from people who already have every class at max level...

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