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At first i was enjoying the 12000xp per quest turn in for Sholomance and Strathome. but people are right when you want to do quests in the new areas you cant because you out lvl the zone too quickly and dont get to enjoy all the redos. i lvled my Mage (with BOAs) from 33-60 in about 8hrs game time. the amount of xp give out is hand over fist better vs BC or WRATH. While fast lvling is great you do miss a lrage chunk of the story. i hope they can find a blend to make it both fast and a good story.
Quests are boring dungeons are more fun, I want to lvl in dungeons. Thanx for ruining my dungeon xp :P
This makes me happy! I enjoy doing quests and seeing the storyline and lore, and have hated how running an instance would level me out of a zone before I got to see/do everything at my level. I'd been considering skipping instances, on my new alts, just so I'd get to see all the quests, but then I'm missing out on the instance grade gear. I mean, before the Shattering, once I'd seen all the quest content, sure, I didn't mind skipping it, but now that everything's new again, I want to see it all. And I think the new quests are a big improvement!

Actually, a thought just occurred to me - now that it's possible to turn XP gain on and off, I might have to consider taking advantage of that for instances if I'm out-leveling zones too quickly . . .
It sucks this changed. I leveled my first toon through all the quest lines and zones. Its nice to have an alternative leveling method so we dont have to go threw all that again. Also if you want to be a stricky heal class, instances was a great way to level and prepare you for raiding.
The xp for the quests for the low level dungeons should have stayed the same. I don't have the money to transfer all my characters so i had to redo them.
such a fail update. if you didnt want the xp then you stay out of the dungeons. problem solved.
My first warrior (back in 05-06) took 13 days to get to 60. I know that's a bit slow even back then... but this character is at 50 already in less than a day and a half /played.
Yeah, I was about to. Alas.
I'm with a lot of others here that feel this is a good change.
On my new alts I have refused to run any dungeons. I'm leveling fast enough as it is.
I want to see the new content and experience it while level appropriate, not as a chore.
""If you didn't want the xp then you stay out of the dungeons. problem solved.""

QFT ... At least before this you had a choice, level through the quests and experience the story or level through instances and avoid something you have done a dozen times before.

""We need to make sure each player’s questing progress remains relevant ... This change should allow players the opportunity to reap the benefits of running dungeons, while not outpacing the leveling flow from levels 1-60."

Why do they need to make sure? What if I like to outpace the leveling flow"

Again i quote ""If you didn't want the xp then you stay out of the dungeons. problem solved.""

Personally I value my freedom to choose.

I quit shortly after TBC launched, re subbed about a month ago to see what was up and had a blast doing nothing but instances, i like instancing ... questing / mob grinding / sitting in queue for 20 to 30 minutes waiting for a group ... not so much.

When my time runs out on Dec 14th if I'm not having fun I'll let my wallet do the talking again.

If you don't enjoy it don't do it ... simple.
I'm glad to see this. I really enjoy all parts of the game and this will allow me to experience both regional quests as well as instances and still be challenged by most of it.
lol i love the silly people in here.

"if you didnt want to outlevel a zone dont do a dungeon" yes lets ignore that many times a quest ties into a dungeon for more story.

"i liked seperate ways to level, kept you from doing the same thing over and over" first...you can still level in dungeons, it will just be at a more appropriate speed. second, what do you repeat more often, the quests, or the dungeons? but oh woes you the quests are so boring meanwhile the same exact dungeon for the 50th time is so exciting.

sometimes people are dumb.

you were not intended to outlevel the zones by doing a dungeon once, the dungeon is meant to be a part of the leveling experience.

"the game doesnt start until max level anyways..." a example of someone who decided to play wow with knowing nothing of the story or not caring, raiding starts at max level my friend, heroic farming starts at max level...that is all

"and here i thought hte game wasnt a grindfest anymore" you level so fast and so easily wit hth enew questing its not even funny, and thats without rested/heirlooms. its easier then it ever has been, and your complaining. its like complaining about flashfrying a entire cown in 6 seconds because it doesnt take 3.

to sum most of these complaints up...im spoiled, i dont want to not be so spoiled...wah..wah...wah
this is pretty stupid i mean the xp its giving is the same as a reg solo quest how are these quest even worth it even more if u wanna experience the content go back when your 80 and do it then. At least give people that have want to lvl fast the option i mean once you hit outlands the %%#@ slows down anyhow.
Ok, once again aparently people dont get it. There is not a single quest in the game you can out lvl. if you cant see it, there is a low lvl quest option on you mini map thing. Second of all, once again, not many actually want to get all wrapped up in the "lore" of the game. Ironicly, that is a verry small percentage of people. Forceing people to quest when they dont want to just because its yoru way of punishing what you see as an "abuse" is rater rediculis. And the fact that people want to and actually do lvl in dungeons rather then quest a area for the 9th time is in no way abuse. Its just another way of getting threw it. Yeah, ive been threw the content, and yeah, i get the story line. doesnt mean when i want to lvl an alt I gota quest for the next month to hit 70. The whole intent was to spead it up/ Exsample A would be all the new flight points and earlier mount lvl's, BOA's and the smaller amount of exp to get a lvl.....
This change came too late for this new Hunter I leveled for Cata. THANK GOD.

This change is bullcrap. This change does away with the ONLY reason I thought 4.0.3 was awesome. I am done questing. I'll do a few here and there but I much prefer Dungeons.

Way to take away choice Blizzard. People can choose not to do dungeons. You don't need to corral us into a certain gameplay pattern.

Maybe you could turn leveling into a side-scrolling adventure next.
Yep, by the time players hit BRD most reverted back to their "elite player" attitude and bailed at the slightest trouble or smallest mistake.

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