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12/05/2010 10:29 AMPosted by Masimove
newsflash!!!! ITS NEW! they changed a crap load of the leveling so no you havnt done it 9 times.

Questing is questing.
12/05/2010 11:00 AMPosted by Shootermcgee
12/05/2010 10:29 AMPosted by Masimove
newsflash!!!! ITS NEW! they changed a crap load of the leveling so no you havnt done it 9 times.

Questing is questing.

dungeon farming is dungeon farming

actually, questing is more varied and interesting in terms of gameplay changes, venue changes, and mechanic changes then dungeons.

but, its obvious you dont care and just wanted to hit max level without putting in any time, even though its already stupid easy.
actually people seem to be whining about the fact that if they level using dungeons their quests turn yellow to green or gray in one instance because they level too fast.

It's ridiculous that they should nerf it and if you are new to the game it is not really fast to level to 80
I have been lvling 2 toons this healer for only lfd and a dwarf mage for only quests, it has worked great. Only thing i have noticed with questing is as a dwarf im lvl 34 in no time at all and only have been to the starting zone, loc m, wetlands and hinterlands ill have to make a human and a nightelf to experience all the new zones, the good old days where you had to go to every zone of lvl to get to the next lvl of zone has ended.
You can turn off xp gain if your just there for the outside quests and some of us would like to grind to 80 as fast as possible without having to run all over the world literally so that we can hang out with our friends who told us about wow and are the reason we started playing in the first place.
Yeah 1-58 probably took about as long as 58-66 has taken so far. Maybe shorter. Was kinda ridiculous, especially with the very nice new quests.

On the other hand, BC leveling is still an ungodly awful grind.
I hope this is temporary. Dungeons were a great powerleveler, and to be honest, all the new quests and stuff WILL get dull after a while.
Bravo Blizz. This is just in time for the leveling spree I went on with my druid. I was a little scared to do dungeon quests because I didnt want to outlevel the zones I was questing in before getting the chance to see all the changes. Good thing I noticed that dungeon quests were giving about as much exp as world quests were. So again, this change is definitely welcome.
A year? Have you even attempted to quest since 4.0 was released? Playing an average of about 3 - 4 hours a day, I've leveled a Feral (dps) druid from 12 to 50 in about 4 and a half days. With the exp increased for quests in classic zones and the relatively higher quest item droprates we're seeing, the pace at which a person who is, at the very least, attempting to complete quests, will level is staggering to say the least. So don't bash it until you've atleast attempted it.

EDIT: Besides, you're acting like they nerfed the amount of exp you get per kill in the dungeons which, from what I read in that post, is not the case. Only the amount of experience the quests reward was reduced.
What's so bad with people going back and doing the gray quests? Well I'm glad I leveled all my alts (cept this one) to 80 when the system was cool.
i`d like seeing NO exp for dungeons unless turning in a quest. some people level toons completely from these, and never learn to play cause most are carried. just my opinion
Blizz messed up BIG time doing that. Not only me, but many other players use dungeons as a quick means of leveling. I'm hoping that they change that back or at least add an option on if you want more or less experience in dungeons. For me questing takes forever to level up. Yesterday I tried questing but I only leveled once throughout the whole day, and I started with near have my bar of experience full. At this rate of leveling it's going to take months to get to level 85 from the time I have. Also, to my knowledge you can't pick up orange quests. I may be wrong because I haven't looked in the higher level spots yet, but as a player that can wear plate I feel most of the yellow quests I've had have been too easy. Please do something about the exp gains.
That is typical of all Warrior Tanks, even as a lvl 80 ICC 25 man gear prot warrior, I have trouble holding aggro, its all part of being a warrior. Just tell your party to hold of on dps for a 2-3 seconds on groups of trash (wish the old 5 sunders then dps was still viable). As for the Xp in dungeons, I find its a welcome change. I use to skip dungeon quests since I would come out of sfk and find I am too high for my green quests in silverpine, but hillsbrad quests were red.
This toon beat this change, and I'm happy about it. I love leveling in randoms.
I started my troll druid too late :(

But I'll say, I went in to my first random as a tank at 15 and did RC. It was a good run with a nice group of people and a few of us needed a couple more drops for one of the quests, so I said lets run again. To our surprise me got Deadmines. so we rolled through that as well. wow did they change that place. There's some weird boss encounters now, but they seemed easy.

By the time I finished those 2 dungeons I was halfway through 17. So 2 and a half levels from basically doing 2 quick dungeon runs and the quests associated with them. I guess I have nothing to complain about.

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