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Hi All,

I'm not sure if the miss chance was raised or I am doing something wrong in leveling? Right now I am frustrated because all the quests I have @ level 7 send me to areas with level 10 mobs, which leads to one-on-one match ups that I barely survive and two-on-one forget about it.

It has been awhile since I leveled a character but I don't remember ever having this many problems. Maybe my problem is that my Paladin has a rough time at low levels since I've never leveled one before so I wouldn't know. I've leveled a Warlock, Hunter, Priest, and Mage in the past but I'm really having trouble with this character.

Right now my rotation is: Crusader Strike, Judgement, Crusader Strike, Judgement, and either finish the mob with an auto attack, if CS is still on cooldown, or another CS. By the time the fight is over, I escape with only a very small amount of health left if I survive. I know with my Priest I could take on 2-3 mobs at a time and come out fine.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Just make it until 9 when you get word of glory. Higher mobs become easymode
Okay I should check around to make sure I didn't miss any quests. I am using the Human starting zone.

I completed all of the quests past the first mine (can't remember its name) and also all of the farm quests. The quest flow then sent me to goldshire to turn in all of my quests I had upto that point. After that, I was sent near Eastvale Logging Camp on a missions to kill Murlocs, Wolves, and Bears (all level 10). I also received a quest to gather logs but when I try it seems like I always pull agro from the level 10 wolves when trying to gather. The Murlocs (level 10) have an easy time ganging up on me and if I attempt to kite or run away I get ambushed by those wolves. There's also a quest for Jangalode (spelling?) mine in the North part of the map but the path to the mine is littered with orange-labeled wolves.

I probably missed a quest chain somewhere along the way so I'll have to retrace my steps and check again for some quests in Stormwind. Thanks both for being helpful! I wish my skills didn't miss so much lol.

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