New ret changes and ideas(PvP)

As a ret pally in pvp at times it can be just a big headace because we don't have enough tools to survive damage outside of DShield.

I've done a few changes to the spec:

We now have a snare that very different from any class, being we have to be snared in order to snare our target. This is the close thing I can think of without having a a spammable snare like most meele classes and its tied to our Judgement cooldown.

Our survivability is based around our Holy Power, without we can't use WoG and casting FoL can be really risky since we're tied to one school of magic. Now we got a talent to reduce the casting time on HL. Holy Light doesn't heal for much but it something without make it OP.

New mastery- Your auto attacks have a 10% chance to do deal Holy Damage equal to 70% weapon damage. With Inquisition we'll be able to increase our Mastery effect by a good % since it does holy damage, plus its a elemental strike effect.

Leave comment or whatever, I know its long : /
I like the mastery idea

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