[H]<Massacre>8/8H25 Recruiting for H DS & MoP

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Guild Name: Massacre
Server: Turalyon (PVE) EST
Raid Times: 8:45pm-Midnight EST - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Loot System: DKP (Closed Bidding)
Website: http://massacre-turalyon.guildlaunch.com
Atmosphere: Adult

About Us:
We are a mature progression-oriented 25-man raiding guild. Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our raid leaders prepare heavily to help for upcoming encounters to ensure our valuable raid time is well spent. If you want to be part of fun group of people that also get stuff done this could be the place for you!

We are currently recruiting any and all exceptional players.

Our most urgent needs are as follows:

- Elemental Shaman
- Hunter
- Shadow Priest
- Warlock

- Resto Shaman

Dragon Soul Heroic 25-Man: 8/8
Firelands: Heroic 25-Man: 6/7

Please apply through our website, or find an officer online:

Real ID: emaleighwow@gmail.com

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Bump for good people.
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Any spots for an ele shaman with a resto offspec that has lots of raid experience dating back to MC and BWL?

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