Ulduar 25 man 1 Light

I, and many other, are literally 1 achieve from a great mount. I was actually looking at Yogg 2 weeks before the 310 was removed, when our late running group decided to call and reform, but never did. So i lost out on the 310 mount, i dont want to lose out on the mount it self.

Sunday i will be forming a 25 man HM Ulduar, the goal primary is for the 1 light, but will do as many of the achieves as we can, provided we dont get stuck.

I am looking for geared, able bodies who also want this beautiful drake mount. Time is TBD but likely between 3-6 starting.

If you want to be a part of this run i need you to have a few certain things:

Vent: Required, yes even if you know the fights, cause then you should know that vent is needed
Gear and experience: Preferable majority of the achievements done, or other achievments showing your ability in other instances. I want to move through this as smooth as possible, sorry no freshies.

Patience, and time: Its a LONG RUN, especially if we are expecting to grab up multiple HMs. So make sure you have the time to dedicate, i dont want to get to yogg and then hear "oh i gotta go". Also, it may take a little time to get the group going, expect a good hour to form, as not everyone will be able to be on at the same time.

Respect. Listen to the things your told to do, and do them. Give positive feed back, and if you have to go, let the raid know before hand, and not just bailing on the group.

This is the last chance to give this a go, and i will be choosing people selectively to add to the group i have already recruited. Look forward to replies, and look forward to getting people some dragons!
Heya! I'm interested ^_^
Resto Druid main here with a Feral off.

Would this 3-6 be on a weekend?

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