New Paladin.

All right, since I probably won't be able to get Cata for a few weeks, i've decided to take a break on my Death Knight, and start leveling a Paladin. Since I like healing, but never seriously got into it, I've decided to start leveling specced as Holy. I've just got a few questions.

1. What are the main attributes a Holy Paladin would need to raise, and what should I try to avoid?
2. As I'm leveling, should I use 2H weapons, or a shield and one-handed weapon?

And if you've got any other tips, that would be great. =)
1. int int int, spirit, haste, crit and int
2. what ever gives you more int

pew pew holy shock -> exorcism
I'm inclined to say that if you choose to level as holy, get ready to use RDF all the time and be healing some awful tanks.

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