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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I am requesting from my brethren Wow players, A fellow <Oz> player Gotenks is in a competition with EB Games. hes currently coming second and only needs 80 more "likes" on this video i am about to link here.!/video/video.php?v=463134419564&oid=107605795944446&comments

You dont need to watch at all. just like it.
its a pretty terrible video anyways :)

Thanks advance. it will be a great help to him.

- <Oz>Sarvain, humble priest.
Hell yeah! Anyone wants to help feel free! Even if you don't like the video (which you shouldn't, its terrible) just like the video submission itself!

I have 24 hours to get another ~80 likes so as that I can win me a $500 Razer Prize pack!

Ill do whatever you want ;)

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