The <Blackdawn> Offensive Begins!

Earthen Ring
The Major Capitals of the Alliance, and even minor cities as Goldshire and Kharanos, were bustling with their normal day-to-day activities. The assault of Deathwing and the Shattering of Azeroth caused many to despair and fall into a somber mood, and the Horde's kick to the teeth at Gilneas and Ashenvale simply worsened the morale of the Alliance. Many civilians had become to accept that the Forsaken would overtake the Northlands, and that the Alliance would be forced to treat with the enemy and lose so much of what was once theirs. A single piece of parchment on the local taverns and poster boards, however, sought to renew hope in those who had lost it.

"Here ye, Members of this Grand Alliance! Our lands have fallen to siege and destruction, and daily the Horde make new encroachments and gain new, powerful weapons. The Forsaken have struck out into the last Alliance Remnants of Lordaeron, taking even the fortified city of Gilneas as a casualty of war.

"Yet if there is one thing that the Forsaken have not prepared for, it is Gilneas! Lift your spirits, brothers and sisters of the Alliance! For today the Forsaken Juggernaut has tasted blood upon their palettes, and have been shown the true tenacity of the Alliance and their new Comrades in Arms!

"This November's End, the enigmatic Alysdair Blackdawn and his soldiers and allies struck out from the Stronghold of Fenris, and in a powerful show of force completely overran and decimated the Forsaken farm and concentration camp at the Hillsbrad Sludge Fields! Many Forsaken were destroyed, as the Gilnean-lead Alliance Coalition showed no quarter to their adversaries. Fields were razed to the ground, prisoners were saved, and valuable equipment was destroyed and scattered. As quick and silent as a shadow, the Alliance coalition crippled the Forsaken base for weeks to come.

"And yet their assault did not halt there! So victorious and fueled were the heroes that they marched to the Forsaken Front near Pyrewood and laid siege to its entirety, destroying dozens of siege machines and plague transports. Corpses were piled and burned, and mines were spread to hinder reconstruction. Those Horde that arrived to assist were swiftly cut down under the combined might of House Shadowcrest, Blackdawn, and their many allies.

"Let every member of the Alliance know! The people of Gilneas and Lordaeron may be down, but they are far from conquered! The Forsaken wish a war, and it will be a war unlike any the Banshee Queen has ever fought!

"Join Blackdawn! Join House Shadowcrest! The Forsaken's atrocities and crimes shall not go unpunished!

"Glory to the Alliance!"

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