crusder strike vs. hammer... (prot pallies)

Just reactivated, my pally is only lvl 75 right now. I repsec'd and tanked a couple instances, only to notice that against a single target, hammers does MORE damage than crusader... and it is able to hit multiple targets! Since they both share a CD and award 1 HP, is there any reason to use crusader as a prot pally even when fighting a single target? Just wondering if I am missing something...
This discussion has been beat more than britney spears !@@*#@.

Hammer only hits harder when you have it glyphed, a fast weapon, and talented

Once you use a slow 1hand, youll see the scaling is much better, plus the way CS works, it scales much better with vengeance.

chances are if you dont understand what i just said, youll never be doing content where it matters, so you could mindlessly spam whatever u want
Thanks for the reply, minus the condescending last bit... but I see your point about crusader scaling better with a slow weapon / vengeance... though I don't see why it would scale better with vengeance... any math to back that up?
Forgive the condescending remarks, its early and i didnt have time to get coffee this am, Ive done the testing in ICC, only valid testing will be in a raid environment.

with a slow weapon, i was puting out about 19k tps on non heroic fights, with a slow weapon i was doing about 15.8k

these are averages

math isnt there, but its an example
Hmmm well I guess I may as well wait and see, since leveling in instances will command that hammer be used almost exclusively anyways... and once cata is out, the grind continues to 85. At that point, the mechanics could be very different. Thanks for the reply, I was just surprised because I assumed that hammer would be better against >1 targets but crusader would be better damage against a single target however this was not the case. Weird.
Is using both really so hard? Single target? Bam CS, AE? Hammer

Not rocket science.
Is using both really so hard? Single target? Bam CS, AE? Hammer

Not rocket science.

durrrppp if you read the post you would see that I am saying that hammer is BETTER damage against a SINGLE opponent which is what seems strange. hence there being no use for crusader if this is true. I will test with fast vs. slow weapons but (at my level) hammer does better damage than crusader strike EVEN AGAINST A SINGLE TARGET. Bolded for the durrppss.
I noticed this too. When I was 76, I switched to Prot and spammed HotR almost exclusively because the holy dmg was higher than CS. I did have HotR glpyhed though. I also had a blue slow hander at the time, don't remember which exactly.

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