Late Night 10M Recruiting for Cataclysm

Guild Recruitment
Boondock Saintz of Ysera is getting ready for Cataclysm we will be rushing to 85 as fast as possible and plan to be raiding in a week or two of the release. We are looking for at least 2 tank with a 3rd tank with strong dps off spec as well as another healer with a good dps off spec.

Adult Only 10 man guild recruiting for late night raiders 11PM to 1 AM EST Mon -Thursday.

Prefer players with multiple max level toons capable of raiding as well as your main.

Apply at

You can also contact me in game on the Ysera Server with any questions
Best time to contact me in game is after 10 pm or first thing in the morning between 6am and 12pm EST.

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