Taking heaps damage in heroic LK10

Hey all,

I should be logged out in my current tanking gear, and I am the adds tank for Heroic Lich King 10-man.

I find that I take a lot of damage when 2 shambling horrors are up. So much that whether or not I survive depends a lot on luck.

Another DK tank which is better geared than me seems to take less damage, according to the healers.

Is my gear ok, or am I undergeared for Heroic Lich King?
Your way undergeared for heroic LK. You have reforged your dodge and parry too low as well, you dont want to forge them below 19% each at least. you can substitute the lack of gear with cooldowns, but your gonna need help. what healers do you run with?
Really, without the 30% buff you're not geared to do HM LK. Having people there to always dispel and well-timed Holy Wraths + HOJ will help you, but really you're gear is not sufficient.
LK tank has the easy job. Add tank is the one doing all the work in p1.

Our paladin tank had around 74k hp the other night, but when we were sloppy with shamblings, she got shockwaved for 75k... not much you're going to do about surviving an enraged shockwave.

As someone above said you just really need to make sure to stun them immediately and have a hunter/druid ready to tranq/soothe them.
Thanks for the feedback folks. I will now just stick to healing lol.
Thanks for the feedback folks. I will now just stick to healing lol.

If you're dying to enraged shamblers, that is more a function of bad strategy than bad gear, however having better gear would be really nice on your healers at the fight is very long!
Your all assuming that the shamblers are enraged when he dies, im sure he would have specified that if that was the case. I'm thinking hes dieing because hes tanking 2 with the non dispellable enrage they get without popping a cd, and with his gear, they will truck him down, hes about 20% short of avoidance cap.

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