It's been a loooong time

Ok, so I haven't played in ages, it's been even longer since I used my Pally. So I log into my Pally and see the changes, and I'm reading so many threads that are all saying that Prot is the levelling spec these days.
So, if I was to use Prot, would I still be using Def etc on my gear and not Ret stats? Would I be using a Shield etc? Can somebody link me to a good Prot levelling build so I can get an idea of how I'd be speccing/gearing/glyphing?

Many thanks in advance,

A baffled Pally.
Defense is no longer a gear stat, so no, you wouldn't be using it (as it's no longer on ANY gear). Dodge/parry/stam are the stats you should look for. Just grab gear that has 'em as much as you can, I don't worry about how much I have until I get around 75. That's when I start grabbing the gear I'll want as a new 80. Granted, it won't really matter since Cata comes out in a few days.

I say follow Xayton's thread as much as you can. --->
Theres a good tanking guide here if you want to go prot.

Personally ive always loved playing ret, but I guess its all in the play style, I think prot is more of an aoe type spec. Also Defense doesn't exist in the game any more, its all about Parry/Dodge/Stamina now. Though as prot, I would say go ret gear if your leveling by yourself, and prot gear if you planning on doing LFD to level.
Many thanks, I'm gonna have a good read of that and see where I go from there.

Thanks again!

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