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Im a 5 year WoW player with more raiding experiance then some people could even imagine im looking for a serious 10 man PROGRESSION guild on a new server when cata drops, Please leave a comment with website and info below.

Edit: it does not matter A or H i will roll either.
<Swad Squad>

Realm: Tichondrius
Guild Name: Swad Squad
Server Time: Pacific Standard Time
Guild Master: Dutc/Hawaiifiveoh
Guild Officers: Darkexstasy/Kronak & Purpleyurple/Flypaper

About us:
*We are formed by a group of real life friends all with one common goal: To complete end-game content with an aggressive and progressive style.
*The leadership of this guild all have extensive end-game raiding experience and knowledge of being in a hard core raiding guild.

-During raids we are pretty relaxed group with talk in vent being light and fun on farm bosses and trash. When it comes to progression boss fights and harder farm bosses talk generally turns to a more serious yet calm attitude with each attempt at the boss observed then discussed for quicker fights with less errors leading to bosses being downed more efficiently and at a quicker pace. This being said we are looking for players who can pretty much fit into our style of play.

Our current raid schedule is Tuesdays and Wednesday 7-11 Server Time/PST, and Saturday 7-12 Server Time/PST. During progress there may be some optional raids but prior notice will be given.

Our current loot system at the moment is MS then OS rolls. This loot system is going under review for Cataclysm and a new loot system may be instituted. Information will be given asap regarding any decision made on this.

Raider Requirements:
-1. Show up at 95% of raids. The point of this guild is to progress through end-game content on a heroic difficulty on a steady basis. If this is not what you are looking for do not apply.

-2. Be online and ready to go 15 minutes prior to raids. This means have Food Buff, Flasks, Potions, etc. ready before raid invites, not starting on it at raid invite time.

-3. Have your gear fully enchanted and gemmed with the best gems and enchants available to you.

-4.Come knowing that nights boss fights. We are a progression guild, this means we will be doing boss fights that are new and may require some research to know the fights. You must be willing to look up and know these boss fights in your own time. We will explain some fights prior but after awhile we will expect you to know the fights on your own.

-5. Have situational awareness. If your in fire, get out of it. If you see a meteor heading towards you and the raid, move. Know what things do and how to react accordingly within the first few trys, not days/weeks later.

-6. We appreciate all players of World of Warcraft and know that skilled player are all ages, but here at S.W.A.D. we like to play with people are age, that's why we have a requirement that you at least be 17 years old if you apply. We are always up to exceptional players though so if you think you would still fit in with us don't hesitate to apply.

What we expect out of those recruited:
-1. We don't care what you say in trade or to your friends. We know some people like to goof around. We do care however what you say in Guild Chat and to other Guild Members. This being said we expect you to be able to respect your fellow guild mates.

-2. Raid times are fun times. We love having a good time and being social in raids but when it comes to bosses and especially progression bosses we need to know you can lock it down and get serious quick. We want to get through end-game content as fast as possible and we know one of these requirements is players being able to get serious for these boss fights.

-3. We expect no "Loot QQ". At the moment we are still determining a method to use for loot in Cata raids, but when decided we expect members to be able to comply with this system with zero drama. Whatever system we decide it will be for a benefit as a guild to help it progress as quickly as possible.

What draws our eyes in applications:
-1. Make sure you fill out your raid experience with as much detail as possible. While we will look at Wrath raids, BC and Vanilla raid experience will hit much higher on our interest meters. This is mainly because these raids took a higher level of skill and commitment to complete.

-2. Knowledge about your character and all its various specs is big with us. We like players who can switch specs on the fly and play it like they have been doing it all of there time playing World of Warcraft.

-3. Active players are also big with us. Its great if you make it to all the raids, but we don't mind to see you on at other times to trying to improve your character outside of raids.

Our current recruitment needs are:

*Death Knight-DPS (1)
*Druid-Resto (1), Feral (1)
*Hunter (1)
*Mage (1)
*Paladin (0)
*Priest- Shadow (1)
*Rogue (0)
*Shaman-Resto (1), Elemental/Enhance (1)
*Warlock (1)
*Warrior-DPS MS/ Tank OS (1)
*Exceptional Players

For more info or to apply please visit:
A Group of us are rerolling alliance and starting a guild on a low pop server (unsure which yet) in order to form a solid base to achieve server first's in all cata content. We are taking our time in finding the right server.

We are looking for only the most experianced and talented button mashers around to achieve our goals. Currently our staff is a little bleak but with the knowledge we have from five plus years of gameplay and finding the right people to supplement our team we will become a powerhouse to contend with.

Some of our previous achievments as indavidule players range from Hyjal/BT pre Wrath server first's. 12/12H ICC 10, 11/12H ICC 25 that has been on farm for months on end.

As far as a raid sched. we are considering a 3 a day for progression content and moving to a 2 or 1 a day for farm content anywhere from 5-12 Central time (we are only going to do 3 or 4 hour raids somewhere in that time frame).

We are striving to look for mature player's ages 18plus with something between thier ears who are overall knowledgeable about the game and thier class. We only want people who strive to be better, can imput strats on how to do encounters before "how to" videos are released on the web for new content. All so, and this is very importent... Someone who takes pride in themselves and thier guild.

WE DO NOT like people who nerd rage, spam trade, and generaly give the guild a bad name. Elitist Jerk's who are snobbish and think purples are the gift of god instead of something that was a by product of blood sweat and tears put into a common goal of a team to achiev success. See'ing this will be a new server with new people we want to be as humble and gain the upper hand by having a glorified reputation.

So if you want to be apart of a team starting from the ground up with mature adults who are looking to achieve a common goal and be apart of making our new guild successful feel free to drop me an email at and I will send you the ventrilo info with more details.

Thanks guys but im looking for a reroll on a brand new server which is yet TBD since they wont be released untell cata actually hits the shelves.

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