Anyone else droped Zealotry from their spec?

With the free respec i did not bother picking this up again

Can not say i am missing it.

It felt way too clunky to use with all the other paladin procs that for most of the duation of zeal, i wasnt using the effect?

or am i just missing the point of the skill?
Now that it DOES NOT use 3 HP you drop it?

**Improved Righetous Fury**
Increase your chance to resist dispel and spellsteal mechanics for pvp by 20/40% each rank. There aren't barely any raid boss or mobs that dispel or spellsteal in the game, and what happened to the old righteous fury talent that resist dispel?

**Act of sacrifice**
Cleanse now removes one moving impairing effects when you cast it on yourself isn't good enough, If we spam cleanse as a gap closer while not healing or dps our kiting target, it would be a waste of mana trying to remove the debuff over n over again while losing health.

**Long arm of the law**
This talent should add a debuff on the target called Mark of the crusader (whatever you can call it) to the the long arm of the law talent.
increase chance of getting a HP by 50%/100% on judgement hits. This would create a new set of rotation beside relying heavily on RNG,considering that judgement have 7-8 second cool thats a long time comparing it to a crusader strike with haste effect, which is most likely below 3 second CD with high end tier.

** Pursuit of justice**
- Increase movement/mount speed by 7/15%
- increase the paladins chance to resist snare effects by 15/30%
- reduce the cooldown on hand of freedom by 1 second each time the paladin is strucked by a slow effects. 3 second ICD

** Zealotry **
5-30 yards 20 second cooldown
-The paladin charge with divine strength at its target that have been (applied by marks of the crusader) and if the the paladin is in melee range he strikes consecutively time base on HP.
Deals 60% weapon damage as HOLY DAMAGE each strike per HP // 2 strikes 2HP // 3 strikes 3HP.
-This gives paladin a new choice of damage dealing with physical or spell damage and it fix the Gap closer that the Retribution paladin needs in pvp to be viable. Since Warrior have Colossus smash which reduce targets armor by 100% for 6 seconds.

**Guardian of the ancient king**
This ability would be much cooler if the guardians spirit appears on top of the character, without no legs but upper torso on top of the character.
This would be much more fun for example in Retribution: Assisting the paladins target
When a hostile target is in melee range of the guardian spirit, It would use CS/TV/DS/
When a hostile target is 10 yards away fromt he spirit, It would use Exo/HS/How
We have done quite a few discussions about how to add in dispel protection, especially on the old forums. ^^ I would save your breath though, doubtful we will see anything usefull anytime soon within the release of cata.

Likely they will wait till 85 and see how the first half or first season goes... so it could potentially be very bad news for paladins, especially prot and ret in pvp. But who knows.

As to the is pretty funny you drop it now AFTER they made it more useful and functional. Still dispelable, yeah. but theres no reason not to pick it up now. Its also useful defensively as a 3p WoG builder. The point is still valid though, it along with a lot of other paladin skills are so easilly dispellable its pretty ridiculous.
Re: PoI...

whoops, for somereason i thought that was judgements of the pure. thanks for pointing that out
Now that it DOES NOT use 3 HP you drop it?

Lol what difference does it make. It gets dispelled in a matter of seconds in PvP. It's useless.

Almost everything gets dispelled in a matter of seconds in PvP for a Paladin. So, stop playing then?
I dont think its useless at all. I actually use it for a survivability buff (especially against plate opponents as my TV hits really low). I think its awesome. Its Divine Purpose and Hand of light that are the problems...
Somebody doesn't know how to play...
we dont need dispel protection, it was a broken rng mechanic that needed to go. what needs to happen is a nerf to offensive dispels. imo put a 6 second cd or something on purge / offensive dispel magic / spellsteal

This would be the better response to the situation in just about every aspect, fix the offensive dispels system.

No one should be able to follow another class around and spam dispels and take away just about every important cooldown they have.

However, even if they put a 6 second cooldown on it...that still kills paladins, most of their good offensive cooldowns last 12/20/30 seconds etc... so, instead of every 1.5, its every 6... not a big help.

maybe even putting RNG onto the offensive dispel, so the offensive dispel can fail. Either that, or make them very very high on mana cost, as in very significant to where they really need to assess the situation before hitting that button.

Either way I am positive there will be a fix somehow, the question is how long are paladins among other classes, who are gimped by this, going to suffer.
Zealotry is awesome for pve.. sucks for pvp atm
its not even awesome for pve, Communion increases your overall dps by more than Zealotry does.
Zealotry is a dps regardless, and worth the point. If you aren't taking it, you're doing something wrong.
I definately use it you can get out at least 4 templars, sorry havent really counted, but man templar, CS, templar, CS, templar, CS emergency, WoG, CS, templar! THen wings and HoW semi-spam, Exo procs boom more procs double templar, i think rets a little crazy now.

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