Where is the LVL 70 PVP gear?

I heard this as a mistake an was going to be put back. where is it? Right now Level 70 is the only level int eh game where you can't get any PVP gear. this is retarded.
Yea, I went to buy my 2-minute level 70 PvP trinket today and much to my chagrin, all the level 70 stuff was gone. Most of it was junk compared to what you can get in Northrend, but the 2-minute trinket was very nice.
Still brutal gladiator vendors in tanaris that sells level 70 epics
i also saw level 70 gears in the dal sewers, not sure, think it was brutal
You can still get brutal main pieces and weps/off-hands in gadgetzen, but the off pieces aren't in orgrimar, which sucks since that includes the 2min trink.
I know there is still 70 pvp gear up in Netherstorm the last I checked. I looked all over for it, and it was not in Org, and not in Dalaran Sewers. Also looked in Nagrand by the Arena, and it wasn't there anymore.
i went to netherstorm- they still have lvl70 set pieces- but again, the accesories (rings, backs, trinkets, etc.) are gone
They were laughing on Dmaw that the outland gear vender turned in to a desk. There's a desk in ther where there used to be a gear vender.
Blue post and more information can be found in this thread:

thanks a bunch!
can anyone tell me where to go to get lvl 70 dk pvp gear?
i need some pvp gear BADD!!!!
The lvl 70 pvp brutal gear is sold in gadzetzan and in the sewers of dal.

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