Paladin and Its Beating with Blizz Gimp Stick

My offspec is Holy, its not hte best of specs but it does its trick, but since the latest patch, I know I am not the only person with the same problem i have talked to meny paladins and we all have the same problems.

Our Holy power has been broken, In order for the AoE HEAL you guys gave us you need Holy power to use, and no matter how meny times i cast a heal any heal actuly i am proccing with heals but holy power doesn't show.

I have tryed everything, i casted "Flash of Light" untill i was out of mana, I also tryed "Holy Light" and a Combination just to proc HOLY Power, and after casting it a ton of times, my holy light doesnt proc, befor the latest patch I could cast "Light of Dawn" A Decent ammount of times making a Paladina Valuable healer. But since the patch you guys have broken Holy power.

Fix this ! PLEASE Its driving my Holy spec NUTZ!
I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but you really need to read your talents and tooltips.

For Holy paladins, you get one guaranteed holy power charge when you use Holy Shock on any target. Secondly, if you talent into "Tower of Radiance" (i think its called, second last tier though), you get a holy power when you directly heal the person you have beacon'd.

Casting holy lights, flash of lights or any other heals will not generate holy power unless targeted at your beacon'd target. You will never ever randomly generate holy power just casting those spells.

Edit: Also, i have cleared ICC since the patch (I'm mainspec Holy) and I had zero issues with holy power generation, as in I was getting the holy power I expected when I did the abilities that generate the holy power.

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