[A] Outbreak (Semi-Hardcore PVE) Recruiting!

Outbreak: (10 Man Progression)

New guild, close, experienced leaders & rl friends who are looking for outstanding raiders to join our core.

Goal: We're semi-hardcore. We plan on raiding 2-3 times a week and being a successful top tier guild.

Raid Times: Tues, Thurs, Sunday - 5:30PM - 9:00PM Server Time (KJ Server time is PST)

Outbreak's Simple Rules:

#1: Must be able to have 90% Raid attendance. Show us dedication. We're a small guild.

Maturity is letting your guild know you can't make a raid night due to RL activity. (If you need time off let us know a week prior to raid.)

#2: Performance is a must! Everyone is replaceable! Learn from your mistakes.

#3: Must be prepared mentally when we raid, understand concepts such as raid awareness. (Dont stand in fires!)

#4: Must have Omen and DBM installed! Have a stable internet connection.

#5: Know your class in and out. Stay updated on class changes!

#6: Have Fun! Cata is going to be amazing!


Other Small Facts: For being together as a guild for less than 4 weeks, we've already accomplished 11/12 HM ICC 10. Looking forward to Cata's challenge.

Serious Applicants can apply at our webpage:

outbreakguild . wowstead . com

Thank You for you time and interest!


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