(H) GMT+8 Guilds?

So with the impending Cata launch I've decided to do away with my old server and make a fresh start, with a fresh start comes the long annoying hunt of attempting to locate guilds that operate during West Coast time frames.

So my question to the masses as I've already had a lot of fun since the transfers completed, are there many raiding guilds in the GMT+8 time zone that are recruiting? Tanking/healing is preferred, DPS tends to bore me fast :o
Also really interested in this. Looking for a new server with a high population of +8 gmt guilds (horde preffered). Is barth it?
This guy made that thread 2 years ago and got no replies.

What makes you think it'd be any different now?
Blind hope I guess?
me jovie and tagsy run this time zone sorry
jovie and tagsy run this time zone sorry, i'm just a big phaggot


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