<Echelon> 9/12 HM's LF Cataclysm raiders.

What we Provide

1) A professional officer core with much expeirence in leading organizations inside and outside of WoW.

2) A Drama free raiding and guild environment. No Drama is tolerated whatsoever within Echelon.

3) Knowledgeable Raid leaders and Officers that spend much time studying and implementing new strategies into our weekly raids.

4) A friendly, professional raiding environment.

5) Public Access to Vent / Guild Website, free to use for all Echelon members and friends.

6) Personalized attention and representation by a class leader. This constructive criticism makes the difference between a good raider and a great raider.

What we require

1) A Mature, positive attitude. Peer to peer comments are welcome, but a positive approach is mandatory. Elitist attitudes are not welcome in our guild.

2) A level of understanding appropriate to the level of content we are doing. We are very tolerant raid leaders, however, if one person is holding back everyone else, we will replace you.

3) A desire to progress first, gear later. Gear is a means to an end, not the primary care of the guild. Loot%!*!*s are not welcome.

4) A desire to push yourself to the next level. A good WoW player should never be fully satisfied with his/her raid performance. We are not asking youto play your main character 100% of the time, but if you are not performing at the same level as your class mates, your improvement is your primary responsibility.

5) Our guild has a large active community on ventrilo. Several of our members can make off-color jokes at times. A sense of humour and open mind is an asset to coalesce with our core members.

We raid 630-930 Tuesday-Thursdays, during progression phases an additional day may be added to the schedule, usually monday or sundays. We expect raiders to be present for 100% of scheduled raids, barring any serious personal emergencies. We strive to have a smaller raiding group with the gear and experience distributed across the least area possible.

At this time we are accepting applications from all classes/specs. Cataclysm raiders will be proven during the beginning few weeks of the expansion, so if you are looking for a fresh start and a potential starting raid spot with a solid core group of friends and professionals, visit our website at www.echelonclan.com or contact Crabcrusher, Darthslayer, or Avengerxx ingame.

Lol. Darth. That helm makes you look like the Mayor of Halloweentown on Nightmare before Christmas. :)
Bump for a great bunch of raiders.
Hope you all are doing well.
Thanks for the bump Caragh, good to hear from you!

in other news, bump for Cataclysm raiders! 25 Man raids start on tuesday, so preferably applicants will be full 246/233

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