Seal of Righteousness and Seal of Vengeance

So was in a voa 25 when i noticed my dps was sub par. qqed in raid and another ret agreed. So said ret decided to try our seal of righteousness. to our surprise we were pulling about the same dps in righteousness as in vengeance. which was around 7.5k for the ret and 6.9 for me.

went to the training dummies in org so regardless im not expertise capped. and yes I was doing literally around the same dps which was aorund 2.6~2.8k. So I guess the only difference now is that in vengeance im expertise capped and in righteousness im not.
Only thing I can think of is it has a lot to do with each of your Weapons since Seal of Truth takes both the Seals procs AND Weapon damage into effect. SoR doesn't hit as hard unless you have a Meh kinda weapon/gear really. It's a flat damage increase (a little extra with SP given) where as Truth scales because of both Haste AND Weapon.
ah i see... well its still pretty weird for them to do teh same dps as before 4.0.3a there was a huge difference. so unless we wont shine till 85 or they did something wrong with seal of truth
The additional 9% additional weapon damage, the stacking censure DoT, the expertise gain (when glyphed), and the increased judgement damage makes Seal of Truth, for single target bosses/mobs, out-wiegh Seal of Righteousness. However, for extremely short (less than 15 sec) bosses/mobs, Seal of Righteousness out-weighs Seal of Truth because you don't have time to stack all five censure stacks up.

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