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I know this is probably an all-too-common post, but over Thanksgiving my account was hacked.

I logged on this morning to finish getting my Bountiful Harvest achievements and noticed that I got an invalid password. I was concerned after it failed twice so I reset it. Once I logged on I noticed that everything on my characters that wasn't bolted down had been sold. All of my gold was gone and my guild bank had been robbed by my characters. Needless to say, I felt devastated.

I also noticed one of my characters had been deleted and some random character had been created in his place (fortunately, it was a low level Alliance alt I never play).

I immediately started a ticket just because I had absolutely no idea what else to do. I also sent an apology mail to my guild leader and informed her what was going on. I logged off and started searching for what to do. I still can't call Billing yet because it is too early, but I took every other step I could find. I sent e-mails did the online recovery option and am now posting on this forum.

I'm extremely concerned about my credit card security above all else. I was at the Blizzard store and had an authenticator in my shopping cart when I found out that my account name is no longer valid and I'm not sure if that is because it has been changed somehow or because the WoW staff closed my account while they investigate. I hope it is the latter. I can, for some reason, still post here. So that gives me hope.

I have been through the FAQ on this process, but I just want to make sure that something is being done. I just had the best Thanksgiving and now I'm left to deal with this. I feel like I've been punched. =(

EDIT: I also got a message from my gmail account saying that it was recently accessed from China. Probably the same person since my passwords were (but no longer are) the same.
Well, they won't be able to see your financial information from here, but that doesn't mean they may not get it in the same fashion they came across access to your email/account.

I do see your compromise report here, a Game Master will look into restorations for you. What's vital right now is making sure they can't get back in.

I'd do a full system scan and make certain of your email security. Check to make sure they didn't put a forwarding on your email as well. You could also setup another unrelated email account to use for this if you like - that effectively changes your account name.

I believe the attempted access from China was blocked. I'm sure they were trying to get my mail forwarded there. I'm glad Google has the measures in place to stop something like that.

I changed my passwords for everything I could think of, but thank you for letting me know they can't access financial records. I am hoping not to have to set up another e-mail account, but I certainly will if it will isolate incidents to a non-primary e-mail name.

Once I am able to get back onto my account, I will be buying an authenticator (something I now feel stupid for not doing sooner).

Thank you very much for replying so quickly.
EDIT: I would like to buy an authenticator, but I am unable to login. It says my account name does not exist. I tried creating a new one with an alternate e-mail of mine, but it says there is already an account for that e-mail.

Both of these things seem strange to me. Is this normal? Do I just need to wait a little longer for the process to be finalized? If my account is currently on lockdown, I am fine with that. I would just like to know so I'm not still worried that someone completely hijacked my account.

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