The Best Kept Secret in Orgrimmar (Seriously)

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The Valley of Wisdom.

Not even joking. Set your hearthstone there, not the Valley of Strength.

tl;dw: The bank, guild bank, auctioneer, innkeeper, and repair vendor are all within about 10-15 feet of each other and outdoors (never dismount), and there is no lag to boot. Plus it's faster to get to the center elevator from here than from the Valley of Strength.
Thanks, now we will have lag....
Nice find bud! Im there!
There's also a AH and bank in Dwarven District in SW and it's only a few feet from forge and anvil. I've already set my hearth at the inn there.
All my hearthstones are set to the taverns in the city. It has always been my dream to be able to get drunk in a bar, in some nice metropolis, and then /camp for the night.
I plan on kicking it with the trolls in the valley of spirits.
Now, because of you, everyone and their mother will flock there.

Dirty mother flockers.
Well, it was a secret...
there is no Gamon to kite untill bg calls me :(
You fool, that is a Tauren secret.

Tis the week of sharing

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