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Hello, all.

I have quite a few quests that involve going to new areas (Southern Barrens, Stranglethorn Vale, Arathi Highlands, Hinterlands, etc). The question is: where should I start? Being pretty new to the game, I have no idea which of these areas are for which player levels.

Your insight is greatly appreciated.
If you have been given a quest to go to a new area, you are high enough level for that area. Pick any of them! For reference, these quests are called "breadcrumbs" and you are doing a good job by paying attention to them to direct your travels.
Thats one thing nice about this game. You get to choose wich one you want to do next.
You are ready for any you listed or it wouldnt have gave you a quest to go there.
Maybe go to each one to turn in the quest to go there. Grab the quests you see and try one.
If they seem a little high lvl to you (the mobs you need to kill), go try one of the others and come back to that one in a few lvls.

I was around ur level when the shattering occurred, and got 2 quests from the Hero's Call Board in darnassus, which sent me down to feralas or the marsh ( think i was 36,37). If you haven't done that, i suggest going to the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind or Darn, it will tell u where to go. I'm not sure if theres one in IF or not.

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