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With Chromagus now being tameable I have a question.
If I go in with a group, with how the new raid lock system works, and tame Chromagus. Does this count as a boss kill on the system, or can the group exit, reform and re-enter to get a kill, or second hunter tame afterwards.
That is epic. I had no idea chromaggus was tameable. I am taking my hunter there ASAP.
good luck, I am currently planning the best strategy I can

so far it requires a priest

Priest hits you with a prayer of mending and a priest bubble before the pull
the pull is hitting deterrence and then tame beast, and should only be hurtable for 3-4 seconds
I tamed him, with a shaman, and no Deterrence
I tamed him, with a shaman, and no Deterrence

Then maybe you could actually answer the OP's question.
ok Waterfire, how hard does he hit a 80 hunter? and does it count in your lockout as having killed Chromagus?
Check the Hunter forums,

They discuss this a bit better. But effectively as long as you do not get the random stun debuff you can tame Chromaggus pretty quick.

The Disc priest shielding the hutner before he enters seems to take it from a semi difficult task to a cake walk.

Edit to add:
To answer the OP's question though. Seems taming chromagus opens the gate to the final boss. So I expect that it is counted as a "defeat" of chromagnuss. When I tamed "The Beast" he never respawned no matter how many times I went back in, until after the instance was reset.
It counts as a "kill" when you tame him. He won't respawn until the instance resets on the next Tuesday.
Thank you for the answers, I will start assembling a group. I wanted to see about helping other hunters get it with the group, and not seem greedy by claiming that the taming was mine and mine alone

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