Two looking to reroll for Cata

Guild Recruitment
My boyfriend and I are looking for a new guild and server to call home.
We're interested in raiding, although it's will have to be after 10 EST.
We want a new guild where we can experience the Cata changes with cool people and raid. :)
Hi Natalei,
You and your boyfriend are welcome to join us.

We have formed Re-roll guild.We are looking for causal, mature players that enjoy Leveling, PvP, Achievement hunting or socialization. This is a great time to experience a fresh start!

Several established raiders, officers and a GM decided re-rolling would be a good way to make friends on a new server and have fun leveling up in the new Cataclysm content. The GM has experience in leading a guild, so you can feel comfortable knowing that it will be well organized. We plan to have achievement runs, party's, and social events that are in a family friendly environment.

We plan to do a 2 day Cat raiding schedule with the other days for set for older raids.

EST RP Server: Earthen Ring
Faction: Alliance

We are already have vent and website setup. We plan to add mumble voice server as well.
Please reply back here, in-game or through our website.
Hello Natalei!

I admire you and your boyfriends fortitude of trying to find a new realm/guild to begin anew. What classes are you thinking of rerolling? Our guild starts raids at approx 9 p.m. EST, if that would eventually work out. If not, you are still welcome to join as a casual player to get a feel for the server and the guilds on Darkspear. We welcome couples and "package" deals.

<Underground> an Alliance Guild on the Darkspear realm (US PvP) is looking for a few good members to strengthen our raiding roster.

We are a ten man guild that is NSFW which concentrates on progression without sacrificing fun for loot. Our raiding nights are semi-serious with fun splashed in. We have currently downed all ICC on normal and everything on heroic up to Sinny. The guild raids on Friday nights from 9 pm EST until 1 am and Sundays will be added into the mix once Cata drops from 8 pm EST until 11 or 12 EST. Due to our raiding schedule and the upcoming holidays, we may be done raiding Wrath content, but that is all dependent on our players schedules.

<Underground> was originally a Horde Guild in Classic until we switched sides and became Alliance around the time of BC release. We are a social guild that plays other games together, TF2, Sc2, Civ 5, etc etc. We prefer social members over people who just log in twice a week. The majority of our members have been playing since the game dropped and have been playing together for 5+ years. Once <Underground> took an extended break in BC, our member found homes in some of the top guilds on various servers. Once the core members came back after the break, we all found each other to reform <Underground>.

Our loot system is a simple /roll, but the person with the greatest need will receive priority versus a minor upgrade for someone else and obviously main spec over alt spec. All chants and gems are paid for by the guild for any loot that is obtained during raiding for our raiding members.

We expect 90% attendance from our raiding members, and raid invites are based on attendance and performance. We may be a casual weekend guild, but standards are expected and upheld.

Just because our raiding happens on the weekend doesn't mean we aren't active; during the week our members are very busy. As of late, we schedule “classic” runs for rep and fun, we BG together and farm heroics. That won't change come Cata. We have an officer that is very actively involved in scheduling groups and raids for the guild leveling system once that drops. Also, the guild will schedule at least two days a week for rated BG's once they are introduced in the game.

If you would like to get a hold of me, directly in game: Zekk
Or if typing isn't your thing, email me at the above address and we can set up a vent chat.
If you would like to talk in game, and I'm not available you can message Smellyfoot as well.

Good luck in searching for a new home.

~ Zekk
Hehe, I love your guild name, Fiver. (I loved Watership Down.)
It sounds pretty good.What will your raid schedule be? It would have to be after 10 for me to promise I can make the raids, as I have a random work schedule every week.

I am currently in the process of setting up a Mature 10 man guild on Yersa. I do plan to raid 2 days and guild battle grounds 1 to 2 days. This will be sometime between M-F so the weekends are free to spend with family and friends. If this sounds like it might be the guild for you, please check us out at: or email me at

good luck in your search for a guild.
Hey Natalie, how do you feel about trying the horde? I strongly encourage you to come talk to me about rerolling on Detheroc. I've played on several servers and I always find myself coming back to this one I like it so much.

Feel free to contact me if you plan to level to 85 within or close to 3 weeks.

We raid tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 9:30 CST to 12:30 CST (later for first kills)

We're looking for more strong ranged for cataclysm.

We started raiding 5-weeks ago in preparation for cata (though we've known each other for a long time) and have now gone 10/12 ICC-25 hardmodes.

We're going to raid 25-mans in cataclysm.

Raid leader and GM have top 400 US experience.

Loot is done by EPGP.

We plan to do gratuitous amounts of PvP.

Hit me up in a whisper sometime. If i'm not on just send me in-game mail with your toon name and server (in case i forgot--i kinda suck at memory) and i'll get back to you sometime soon :P
Hi Natalei

We were planning to wait till after the new year so everyone would have time to reach 85 before setting a schedule. In the past it was 2 nights a week for 2.5-3 hours for ICC. We want to find a time that fits most peoples schedule. Sometimes school and work schedules change after the New Year. We could do a 10pm start time, i don't mind. We don't have every role filled yet, since we recently moved to this new server. Not all of our raiders could make the transfer as 80's. Some decide to re-roll lvl 1 alts with us. Sorry if that inst clear but i don't want to tell you something i know we cant guarantee since we are a month away from doing cat raids.

Well, I know you are Alliance, but Horde is where my heart is, so I will post...

Sanctuary is searching for a few new players interested in joining our push into Cataclysm. I have been a GM for 6 years, and could not be prouder of the atmosphere of relaxed seriousness Sanctuary enjoys. Players who truly enjoy playing this game together.

Sanctuary entered WotLK with a single 10-man progression group. 15/15 Naxx10 + Undying. Sarth10 3D. Maly. 14/14 Uld10 (Algalon dead) + Rusted Proto Drakes. 5/5 ToC. 4/5 ToGC. 12/12 IC10. 10/12 IC10 hardmode. 1/1 RS10. Our guild recipe was something people wanted to be part of allowing us to form a second 10-man group. Both teams were meticulously balanced, and both went on to kill Arthas for the first time in the same week. Adding the second group allowed us to pluck through a bit of 25-man content: Naxx25, Maly25 + Sarth25 + 12/14 Uld25, 10/12 IC25 and 1/1 RS25. Sanctuary was not a 25-man progression guild--we just stuck with normal mode stuff in those places. This also allowed us to avoid having our roster mired in players with suffocating egos.

For Cataclysm, one of our 10-man groups will aiming for full completion of 10-man normal mode content in a committed yet flexible environment. The other 10-man group will be aiming at full completion of hardmode 10-man content--more commitment and a lot less flexible. To be clear, this is not a reroll guild, nor a guild that some Rogue threw together because he was tired of PUG'ing one night--this is an established guild on an established server.

Some of our specifics:
- Core raid schedule: Tue+Thu+Sun 7:00p to 10:15p (all times are PST).
- Optional raid: Which night this ends up being is still under discussion.
- Loot system: best fit > Suicide Kings loot list.
- Member age range: 21-56, all members in post secondary or into their careers.
- /gu, /ra and Vent stay pretty tame, no excessive profanity or outright vulgarity.
- Guild anchored by pockets of RL friends (Minnesota, Washington, Georgia and Alberta).

I am online most nights after 7:00p, playing on either Ancagalon or Sakuma. To get a better feel for our guild, please peruse our forums: I feel my gear and achievements are a pretty good roadmap of the past 6 years, so armory away. I can be emailed at thetechbench at if you have additional questions.

I really hope to chat with you. We are in need of a couple people in our normal hardmode group, and your post sounds like you would be a great fit, depending on which classes you were thinking of playing.


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