Affliction Warlock LFG on Stormrage

Serious player. lvl 60 epic gear. Stoppped playing for about a year. Now back at it.
Serious raider, looking for serious regular raiding guild. Avail pretty much every night of the week.


Adversum is a transfer guild new to Stormrage that focuses on 10 man content only. The founding 4 members have all been top of world top 200 guilds around when ToC was released. We all made it to at least 10/12 Heroic 25 Man ICC in early April before taking breaks due to real life obligations. We're currently seeking DPS, tanks and possibly a resto druid/holy pally for our Cata 10 man raid team. We raid Sundays and Tuesdays at 7 server, usually going until 10 or 10:30 server. The occasional Monday raid is also a possibility if we're close to a progression kill.

This guild has a hardcore raiding mentality, but a casual raiding schedule. When we raid, we expect members to be prepared with all consumables, reagents necessary for a 3 hour uninterrupted raid. If you like a chill group of raiders that are good at what they do and kill @*#* in a timely manner then this guild is for you Apply at or contact TheBlob, Taedious or NedNed in game with any questions.


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