Leveling as Holy

I started to level a new Pally and want to go Holy from the start. Would like to get some input on how to go about this. Does a Holy pally get enough offensive spells that allow questing? Or am I forced to have two gear sets (one for dps and one for healing).

Any advise would be appreciated.
exorcism no longer has a cooldown

you can level in int gear.
There were a few times where I'd switch to ret between dungeons, but I eventually just decided to quest as holy. There was virtually no chance of me over-pulling guys and dying that way, even if my dps was lower so it took longer to kill things. Might have been faster as ret, but I didn't really care that much and tend to do better the less I change specs. And no one had to wait for me to switch back to holy when I joined a dungeon.

You also have the option of picking up some offensive talents in the holy tree while you level. I did fine without them, but they'd probably make things faster. I was prot spec levels 1-40, so by the time I went holy, I didn't really need them at all.
holy is incredibly op, you'll rock the bg's... seriously

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