Am I the only one who finds it amusing?

Moon Guard
That this realm is home to some of the greatest intellectuals in the game (RPers) AND the home to the games biggest idiots (Goldshire...)?
Your first mistake was saying that RPers are the greatest intellectuals in the game.

Edit: Screw you, Malere, and my ridiculously #***ty internet.
Not all RPers are intelligent.
Throughout personal experience, I have found the majority of good RPers to be more intelligent than the majority of all PVP/PVE ers. I am not by any means saying (or intending to say) that if you don't RP you are automatically stupid and that if you RP you are automatically a genius.

I find it funny how trolls manage to point out one thing and turn it into such a HUGE deal. It really is quite amazing.

Indeed. *Puts on top hat*
Not all RPers are intelligent.

And not all of Goldshire's inhabitants are stupid.

That is debatable.
So is that all RPers are intelligent.

I already said that.

Hey, you know what we managed to point out was pretty much half of your entire uneducated opinion?

First off, the point of my thread wasn't to say RPers were superior, it was how I found it amusing that the largest gathering of intelligent people (The RPing community because they are the majority on the server and generally are intelligent) and the largest gathering of idiots (all I was saying was that the people in Goldshire were idiots. If you disagree, go there for over 30 seconds.) I honestly meant no offence to anyone... well besides the people ERPing in Goldshire who really just need to move to some abandoned RP server...
(Sorry to double post, unless some one posts before this one comes out.)

Raiders are capable of thinking up complex strategies for fights, awesome memorization skills, spreadsheeting, and micromanagement.

Did I ever say they were not smart?

PvPers have insane reaction times, are able to come up with short term plans on the spots, have to constantly think of the other 29 specs and how to deal with them, and PVP servers usually have the best raiders.

It does require skill, not intellect. Trust me, being awesome at PVPing doesn't mean you are smart. I have a real life friend who is an awesome PVPer... he is also an idiot... (Though I am not saying all PVPers are idiots... don't take what I am saying out of context here.)

Roleplayers are good at words.

So are many of the worlds greatest philosophers. (Not to say all great RPers are philosophers.)


Guys, you really derailed this thread completely.

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