Am I the only one who finds it amusing?

Moon Guard
I think I understand the intentions of the OP, as far as it was made as a light, generalized sort of comment, but as most things posted on forums tend to go, people are going to scrutinize the intent, the words used, and their interpretation based on it.

The sad part to watch (for me anyway) is the point where you figuratively show your wounds by posting with emotion at how much it is frustrating you, and your continued fruitless striving to get some sort of understanding so that you can feel at peace to let the topic die, but it's just not happening. At this point some people get amused by your frustration and your efforts to make a point and it just gets worse and worse.

Been in your place. Done that. You have to just finally close the window, stop posting, and for me personally I find it helpful to not even come back for a few days to ensure I won't get tempted to read any further replies. Hope you are able to do so.
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