I am really impressed with Orgrimmar!!

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Good job, its a whole new city, I like how there are lifts and it seems more open.

/cheers to the people who designed our new home!!
I agree. I originally didn't care for the city at all. I would mostly chill in Undercity or TB whenever I could. But now it really does feel like the Horde Capital. GJ Blizz
best city in the game now, hands down.
Agreed. Orgrimmar used to look terrible. Now it's caught up with a lot of the other cities. Such a drastic change can make others jealous. :P
Its a pain to find your way sometimes, well with all those lifts, and levels. But as the old org was, it will take some time to know where to go. Besides that it does fit the personality of our new Warcheif. Garrash should of had R. Lee. Ermmey's(drill seargent of full metal jackie, movie) voice, that would have been epic.
Also, the music is awesome. (Though in fairness, so is the new, ominous stormwind music.)
well other than the elevators I agree. But then when we can fly that wont matter much I guess. But yes overall it is very well done
Orgrimmar is awesome now. It was ok before, but it was a little too bland and boring. Now, it seems more like a horde city. Thunderbluff looks cool, but I usually go to Orgrimmar or Undercity. Silvermoon is my least favorite horde city. It looks like a bad mix between the land of Oz and a Disney cartoon.
best city in the game now, hands down.

As a primarily Alliance player for 5 years (6 this February!) I agree 100%. Though I always did like old Orgrimmar as well. It had lots of character to it too.

That being said, where's my Ironforge revamp with all the districts that are in lore but aren't in-game?
Yeah I love the new Org, it is awesome! I run around like an idiot trying to find my way around but it makes me feel noobish again so I like it :D
I concur with new best city.

It used to be silvermoon but now Org for sure.
I think Org is awesome too actually. Of course I had to corpse run a lot through it hahahahaha. /thinks to self should have just made a horde toon and check it out
I love the new Org look as well.What I do hate is the horrible lag.Org used to be my favorite city but now it's the place I try to avoid the most because of the lag.
I hate it.
There was no reason to change it.
Orgrimmar and Azshara are the best for me yet!

I haven't seen everything tho.
Wait did I just find 2 Auction Houses?
I hate it.
There was no reason to change it.

There's a difference to 'Being a Rebel' and 'Being a Jerk'.
I hate it.
There was no reason to change it.

Someone get pwned by Gamon?

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