prot vs holy for leveling

so i specced prot and avengers shield brings stuff to half their health o.o how good is holy shock? i don't have exorcism yet so should i wait for that and then go holy?
AS is OP at low levels. After about level 80 it takes off a lot less health. But prot is very, very tough and will never die leveling unless you do something really dumb.

Really, all 3 specs are pretty good for leveling. People have been doing "shockadin" leveling as holy too.
Holy is boring. It's nothing but Exorcism, with maybe a holy shock in there now and again, and a self heal with the free, instant Word of Glory. That's it.

Prot is much more fun in my opinion. It has fun abilities, several that you can use, and it does ridiculous damage in dungeons. No dps will out-dps you if you get an heirloom weapon and just spam aoe abilities.

Also, if you are on a pvp server like me, prot has both good survivability and good damage, and seems to be the strongest way to live if you get ganked by a roughly equal level opponent. You can almost always turn it around and melt their face.
If you are going to level via dungeon finder, I would say Prot for the instant queue. Now with the new specs I am not as sure since I hit 80 before the new trees. I just mainly ran dungeons so prot worked well.
I'm leveling a pally at the moment, main spec Holy and took prot as my off spec (for questing). I love both. Mind you I'm leveling her with a rogue and things don't stay alive long. Its soo much fun fighting mobs of like 5/6 and killing them no problem.
Prot+Holy = the only way to go
I've always leveled ret, but since the changes to the talent tree as well the level you get some spells I will be trying to level as prot in Cat.

As well saw some vids on youtube with prot pallies and they seem to have no issue taking on more then one mob

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