"Moon Guard is full. Position in queue: 856."

Moon Guard
Hmm. My queue jumped back up to 700...

I think this is a sign I should just go play black ops and ignore wow for the rest of the night.
I usually hit queues late in the evening, but I'm too busy being tabbed out that they usually go pretty fast for me or I take the time to make some foods. <3

I don't mind the queues. There's more terrible stuff to worry about than a 10 minute queue to play a game. Seriously.
The queue forces me to be productive.

"Hmm... switch out laundry or log into WoW?"

947 in queue

"Guess I'll get that laundry swapped out."
I think the fact that so many people are fighting to get onto this one server speaks for how awesome it is. You guys want transfers off? Pfff. Quitters! You don't DESERVE Moon Guard! Yeah!

...I'll be quiet.
I was 900 something in line, took 5 mins to log in the server. If you have nothing better to do for 5 or 10 mins except sit at your computer staring at the screen having a stroke... I don't really know what to tell you.

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