Best Hunter Food for 85raids.

So i have been doing some searching and thinking about what mats(fish) i will need to farm for whatever the best raid food will be for Hunters in Cataclysm. I have not played the beta so i do not know...

I was looking at the cooking trainer/vendor in Org and i see that he has 2-3 very useful recipes for hunters.

1.Recipe: Lavascale Minestone which gives 90stam and 90 mastery rating,I would assume that this would be the best food for us because of how crucial mastery is to hunters in cataclysm at 85.especially for Surv and MM specs.

2.Recipe: Skewered Eel which gives 90stam and 90 agility. As i said i have not played beta and have not yet see every piece of BiS gear that drops for hunters in the first patch of Cataclysm raids... Therefore i dont know if you can actually reach 100% mastery rating... or if you could.. can mastery cap above 100%

if it cannot cap above 100% and your gear/reforging will allow you to reach 100%, then i would definitely have to safely assume that the Skewered Eel would be the best food for us to get 90agility.

If anyone has any different information about this or know some facts to where i am wrong, especially to those of you who have played on Beta and have gotten the food and raided with it and tested your numbers...

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thx in advance


Agility has a significant lead on all other stats for hunters, so we'll probably want to use the agility food. Also, the feasts now give us agility too so we won't have to carry our own food for raids that much anymore (at least not once our guilds get the recipe).
I see, so i assume you are talking about the New 85 feast which gives 90agility and 90 in another useful stat, if so how do you know that this gives agility, have you seen it on the beta or from some other source by any chance.

I assumed that when it says ''useful stat'' it refers to the stat that we have the most, just like when we had Darkmoon Card:Greatness, it would proc our highest stat, so i guess this feast WILL give us 90 stamina and 90 agility hence it will probably be our highest stat (unless we end up having more stamina on gear then agility)
A useful stat is just so they don't have to say "Str for Str classes and Agi for Agi classes and Spell power for spell power classes"

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