Dps warrior or pally?

Which is better ATM?
The closest thing you'll find to an ATM is a mage, but they're more along the lines of vending machines.
Prot Mage is best ATM
Resto Warlock is better than Prot Mage.

I am enjoying the Ret changes because I refuse to look at my numbers until I am level 85 in level 85 blues. If they are still horrible then I will start raging.

It seems more fun than FCFS because you actually have to pay attention to procs to get decent DPS.

Pallys will have a good deal of raid utility with the different buffs, crowd control, cleanse and all the other awesomeness that comes with a competent Pally. The big difference is that the skill curve will be a bit higher. No more faceroll to max DPS, that distinction belongs solely to Arcane Mages now.
With equal gear, I'd say Warriors right now.

I should really take a page from Belmaliel's book and not bother looking at my numbers until I'm 85. My current numbers are depressing me. I went from respectable dps to *checks to make sure he's not wearing all greens*.

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