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I'm bored so I'm starting what should be a fun thread that i stole from MMO. This thread is dedicated to sharing stories of when you were a complete noob!

I think the best thing I can remember I playing my night elf druid in darkshore and I picked up my first green. It was a BoE and when I went to equip it I got the message that said something along the line of "Equipping this item will bind it to you". I thought that meant if i put it on I could never take it off and not until about a week later when I asked my friend did I learn I was very very wrong.

What are your funny/noobish stories?
clicking/keyboard turning when I was a dwarf hunter in vanila, of course theres got to be a million other things on top of that but thats the biggest noob thing that stands out for me.
My first toon, a Night Elf Rogue (cause some friends of mine when I worked at Dell were Alliance) - I bought all the "white" grade armor from the armor vendor at like level 10 and thought "Whoa, this is some sweet gear...my dude looks rad."

What a nub.

I have a couple.

I started out as an Alliance warrior named Xcytr. Hearing the guy yell "NOT ENOUGH RAGE", made me quit that toon at level 18 and play a Paldin. Didnt know you could turn it off.

When i got my first enchant (+7 damage to weapon), i thought the item needed to be "dis-enchanted" before i could enchant it again. Little did i know that disenchanting got rid of the weapon... this was also my first GM ticket.

My first time playing Horde, nearly was my last. Got my UD Mage to 8-9 and went to look at Undercity. Took me every bit of 2 hours to fin my way out. I was so confused and the levels and the stairs... i was so close to deleting that toon and going back alliance lol.
My noobest thing? Back in BC when I tanked on my Paladin, I met a Healer named Ziinin. Used to think he was the best healer ever, I was wrong :(

But on a personal letter, I used to back peddle with the keyboard. Was pretty lame =/
Not realizing there were quests in starter zones, which made me wonder how the hell people managed to make it to level two when I kept getting stomped by level 5-6 wolves outside of Goldshire.
I didn't believe in SnD when I started playing, aaall the way up to 70. I was pretty bad. I clicked and keyboarded too. /shudders at memories.

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