PvP vs PVE gear.

Can someone explain the difference to a old man? I am finally starting to get Justice/Honor points. Please don't ask why. I am finally having fun in heroics but feel I am not helping my crew as much as I should. Can you look at what I have and the paths I have followed and help me in making a better Paladin for the folks that need me? Thanks!
For the most part, PVP gear is for PVP, and PVE gear is for PVE. There's the rare exception - for example, the Wrathful Gladiator's Barrier/Redoubt are flat out the best healing shields you can get outside of raiding right now even counting the "wasted" stamina and resilience.
Seems the gear is almost the same on what I can purchase. Maybe a flux in STR and STA, no one has commented on my gear I have right now. I know it is bad, what do I need?
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