Bug With Exorcism

When I cast Exorcism, then target someone else, it will re-target the person I was originally casting Exorcism on when the cast completes. It's a problem that (I assume) all paladins have. Every Paladin I have gotten to try it, has gotten the same problem. Is there anything you guys have figured out to fix this?
I assumed this was an issue with all casters. I consider it a good addition to the game - automatically targeting what you hit with your last spell...

Maybe its something we can turn off in options? I havn't looked. I just know that if I spam exorcism between two targets it will keep swapping back and forth automatically, which is great! :D

If this is exclusive to Exorcism then it aught to get fixed.
I noticed this too. I figured it was something implemented while I was gone to prevent noobs from losing their target. It was pretty annoying when I tried to exorcism one mob and avenger's shield another.

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