[H] ICC 25 Drake Run CANCELED

So after a successful Uld 25 Drake Run last week, I have decided to do one for ICC 25.

Who: You, assuming you don't suck.

What: Drake run. We will only be doing the normal achievements required for the drakes. NOTHING WILL BE DONE ON HM.

Where: ICC 25.

When: Saturday, 12/4, 8:00 PM server.

Why: Achievements are cool and I need more.

If you want to join in on the fun, you can:

A. PST me in game.
B. Send me mail.
C. Reply here.

I am looking for geared and experienced players. Don't link me your Kingslayer achievement you obtained last week. Link me achievements like ICC 10 HMs, Uld 10/25 HMs, etc, AKA things that show me you won't run into vile spirits during LK. Also, have time to raid. This will take a couple hours. Don't be lame and AFK after every pull and assume you will be carried because I assure you that you will be kicked.

All those accepted will receive a calendar invite. I will be over-recruiting because we all know someone won't show.

If you have any questions feel free to PST me. Have a nice day.
I'd like to participate if there is a spot available. I don't have a lot of ICC experience. I just came back from a 6 month break, but I'm a quick learner, I listen on vent, and I won't go AFK.
I'm interested. Had to learn every fight in ulduar 25 as it was my first time in there but ICC25 has been bludgeoned into my brain for days to come. 11/12 HMs 25m resto druid.
I'll come on my DK tank. I could also use a couple of the infusions. :)
I shall go! Liinx - Resto Druid

I missed out on the 25m Ulduar CRYYY

Edit: Oops on wrong account. Will reply on main.
lalala ^
Sorry, this run has been canceled due to lack of interest and other plans emerging. Thanks everyone, might be doing in the future so please keep an eye out.

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