<is Batman> H 10s recruiting for Cata

Who we are:

The core of <is Batman> is made up of a bunch of RL friends who have extensive experience with hardcore raiding. Because of this our goal for the guild in Cata is to keep it close-knit and fun, but without sacrificing progression.
As such we expect applicants to not only be highly competant in their chosen class, very reliable and generally not terrible, but also to share our progression mindset.

What we're recruiting:

1 Tank - Prot Paladin or Blood DK ideally.
1 Healer - Holy Paladin or Resto Druid.
2 DPS - Mage and Hunter ideally.

If you the above classes aren't you, feel free to apply anyway as exceptional apps will be taken into consideration.

Our raid times are 7-11pm server Thursday/Sunday/Monday, while this is obviously on hiatus until Cata, we will probably run something to test applicants' ability.

Apply here: http://is-batman.wowstead.com/forums/is-batman-public-forum/recruitment

Bumping for Downs' amazing UI. You think we could get a screeny of that beast? Good luck in Cata guys!

Still need a healer and dps
Is the dps you are looking for strictly a mage and hunter?
is this the one you talking about mensan?
12/04/2010 8:01 PMPosted by Mortalcoil
is this the one you talking about mensan?

Best UI ever - I died when he posted that in the UI thread on our forums. Also, bump. Hope you're doing well Downs. Good luck guys!
Ideally a mage, hunter and/or a DK, but any exceptional dps will be considered and can be accepted
Do you all speak on vent with a gruff Christian Haybale voice?

You should.
Bump, still need one dps
bump for batman

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