Cata re-roll

As titled: I am looking to re-roll for cata and am seeking a guild for such toon. Admitadley i am torn between hunter and mage which I will decide on come realease.( gotta love leaving it to the last minute) I have BoA's for both as well as mats farmed into a guild bank alt for several professions. I plan on startin the game a new. As in exploring all the new content leveling all the primary and secondary professions and of course later end game content raiding. This would also mean achieving my ass off which is good for the new guild advancement system if I understand it correctly. I have been playing since just before BC release on other toons in other realms so I am not new to the game or its intricicies (mind my spelling). This toon is set for fury or prot as well whichever is needed. pst me in game or via mail if there is anyone out there with a similiar plan.


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