What the ret rotation?

Just revived my 55 be paly alt, and hmmm wth is the rotation? I mean really cs shares cd with div storm, after judgment and cs and the exorcism proc - I find myself sitting there with all buttons on cd - what's the rotation at 80?
What is the ret rotation?

it's not really a rotation. There's too many procs.

It's a priority list

(3hp) TV > (AoW) Exo > CS > judgement > filler (HW etc)
yeah.... i don't know if i like that at all, it seems every class now is proc based, so far I tried everything at shadowpriest/ele shaman are the least proc heavy, i mean there is procs just not as stupid spam of procs....

Well and hunters, the one proc we're waiting for to happen is the god damn focus...

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